Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cold As Ice

Cold! It was cold last night.

In my continuing efforts to minimize overdressing, I went with a much reduced (for me) layering system. My long sleeved Retina Run tech shirt, my long sleeve Wilson UltraDry sweats top, and my MEC running jacket. Too light for my liking, the wind was blowing up under the jacket and my backside was cold. Maybe next time swap out the lighter Wilson top for something in a nice polar fleece.

Risking TMI, a pair of wind briefs may not be a bad idea either.

Bob and I hung back just off the pace, which was being set by Marc and Julianna trying to figure out if we were pushing it a bit too much. We finished our 10-ish Km with a 5:14/km pace. A bit slower than Tuesday night but we were so far out in front of the rest of the pack. There is some interesting advice for “the first time marathoner” in this Matt Fitzgerald interview with Greg McMillan. I’d be happy with a 2:10, heck I’d be ecstatic with a 3:10.

Wednesday night runs are difficult for me to judge pacing. I get off the ice at 5pm and run at 6pm. I’m “warmed up” but have heavy legs after about 30 minutes in to the run. I’ve been trying to work a hydration plan for hockey and running but it’s still not adequate. I can’t find a balance between replacing fluids and having to flush every five minutes. The banana on the drive in to the Running Room helps with any fatigue; however, I know I’m already slightly dehydrated before the run. Last night’s midnight leg cramps reminded me that I finished the last “sports drink” in the house and haven’t restocked. I’m also feeling my brief flirtation with Yin Yoga. I won’t be doing this again anytime soon.

Sunday will be 13km through the park, weather permitting. I need to find some time to get 8km in on Saturday. I have looping route from home that I haven’t run in ages. Looks like I’ll get a chance to run around the block a few times at home this weekend.

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