Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rusted From the Rain

Its no secret that I can't handle cold weather running. Sure I can run, but I look like Bib the Michelin man with the thirty-six some odd layers of clothing. Today was the Official Beginning of the Running Room Winter/Spring 2010 Marathon clinic. A simple 13.4 km route that I've run a few times. Mostly flat, right through my neighbourhood, past my coffee stop. Piece o'cake route.

Temperature was above freezing for a change. Nothing Austin-tascious like V is enjoying, but downright tropical for what we've had so far this January. Not warm enough for the sidewalks to be submerged in melt water and not cold enough to be quick stepping through too much ice.

It was a great day for a run. Since it's now an official clinic run the watches were set to 10 and 1. I stuck with the Marc and Rebecca for the first couple, then hatched a plan with KO to slow the pace to about 5:30 and skip the walking. Near the 8km mark along Fanshawe she fell back, but looking at the Garmin data the pace was 5:00/km. The pace didn't drop back to the 5:30 until sidewalks got sloppy on Richmond near Masonville Mall. Heading south on Richmond, on the upslope towards the hospital, it started spitting rain. No worries, just a little rain. At the 12km mark it was a steady rain, but from there on in it was all downhill. It felt so good to open up the stride on the way in. All that tip-toeing through the slop, I had really begun to stiffen through the hips. My calves were tight, but that was the combination of Saturday running and late evening hockey.

I did better with my hydration and nutrition this morning before running. I had better get used to wearing the fuel belt again. The runs will continue to be over the one hour mark and that's the "limit" for running without getting some fluids back in to the system. I didn't seem to hit the wall like I did last Sunday. Then again, I didn't have to deal with the hill on Windemere either.

Like the tin man, in the rain, as soon as the run was over I immediately began to tighten up. Seems like I was "Rusted from the Rain". I guess I better get this song added to the play list for when we're back running in the park system. Now if only the lyrics would hold true:

I'm nothing but a tin man, don't feel any pain
I don't feel any pain, I don't feel any pain
I'm rusted from the rain

(Any pain you're feeling is from my singing). Take it away Ben .....

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