Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Say it Ain't So

You know that you're Canadian runner when you step outside at -6C and think, "Geez it's really warmed up out here" and strip off a layer of clothing.

Last night's tempo run was short and quick(ish) at about 7km even without Victoria.

Speaking of which, it appears that she now has a street named after her that we begrudging have to run past at least three times a week.  And dang-it-all, the nick name of our beloved forest city is now her nickname as well.  Why is it all the fast people get the accolades?

But I digress .....

Last night's run was a quarry chase after Bob played dodge-em with the traffic building a huge lead as we contemplated living or dying in our battle against the traffic at the intersection of Richmond at Regent. After a two minute respite, Marc led the charge to reel him in.   Julianna, Kim and I stunned at the ferocity of the pursuit marveled in awe from the rear and stayed the course finishing at an average pace of 5:03/km.  Graham and Diane maintained a leisurely pace only reserved for those that have already qualified for Boston and finished looking fresh and relaxed.

According to my trusty Garmin, the final couple kilometers were at a scorching 4:40 pace.  Now if only I could string about 40 of them together I could compete for some of those accolades.

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