Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something New for the New Year

Well here it is; Radical Running - a personalized blog of my marathon training.

Why Radical Running?

I've been training with a group of incredible people loosely known as "The Free Radicals" for the past three months.  Free because we were not associated with any specific running clinic when the group formed.  Our freedom ends January 26th when we begin the Winter/Spring Marathon training clinic at the London Ontario Running Room store.  I suspect we will continue to be "radicals".

The year should be eventful.  Already plans are underway for Around the Bay, The Mississauga Marathon, The Ottawa Marathon, The Chicago Marathon, and yesterday I officially registered for the Walt Disney World 2011 Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in Orlando Florida January 8th and 9th.

Being the radical that I am (or perhaps a semi-realistic wimp), I will likely skip the 30 kilometer jaunt around Hamiliton Bay in March and gamble on a warmer, drier, and shorter saunter on home turf by participating the the Retina Run Half Marathon in April.

Last April, I ran my first official race in over 30 years in the Retina Run 5K.  It seems incomprehensible that 12 months later I'll be competing in a half marathon as a tune-up for a full marathon six weeks later.

Hang on, the ride will be bumpy at times.  I'm sure I'll rant, occasionally rave, and am guaranteed to  poke fun at all the insane things the Free Radicals do over the course of the year.

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