Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stray the Course

The temperature was supposedly around freezing this morning as we gathered at 8am for our Saturday run. While the temperature may have been milder than the past couple of weeks, it was the wind that sent me back to the car for more clothes and heavier gloves.

Although my vibrant yellow 2009 Resolution Run jacket may be described as being wind-proof polyester, I opted for covering it with a nylon sweat jacket for extra wind protection. There is some unwritten rule that runner's generate heat when running. Not this kid, I generate sweat, but no heat. I get chilled easily and then my hips tighten, my stride shortens, and I can't get moving after the inevitable pauses for traffic. I'm happiest bundled with however many layers it takes to keep me warm and toasty. Perhaps once we get past 20 km I'll change my philosophy but until that time I'm a lumbering laundry basket of warmth.

Since the temperatures have moved north of freezing the past couple of days, the sidewalks and roads were treacherous with frozen slush and slick patches of ice. Marc had an up and down day. The down looked like it hurt. Earlier in the week, my physiotherapist gave me a clean bill of health. My achilles fasciitis that has bothered my right heel for months seem under control with a regime of stretching and bimonthly ultrasounds. Rolling it on the goat path slush walks this morning would have been a major setback.

Kim led Victoria astray this morning by allowing the sleep deprived Tampa refugee to lead. Going out hard and fast (like usual), the Forest City Streak was out of earshot (whistle shot, and possibly gun shot) when the rest of the group followed the mapped course. The gazelles left on their own world tour while Marc, Bob, Jules and I stayed the course until we were blocked by one of those endless trains that cut the city in half from Adelaide to Talbot.  Bob, the consummate Group Leader, paralleled the choo-choo and as we turned for the home stretch. On Richmond, the gates lifted, and we proceeded unabated to complete the 11.4 km in less than 60 minutes.

At the store, Victoria greeted us with the information that she had unintentionally misplaced Kim.   When Kim arrived a few minutes later, sans St Bernard, realizing that perhaps her brilliant strategy of going out fast and ending up lost might need a little tweaking on subsequent runs.


Victoria said...

again it is about the JOURNEY and straying from the course set forth...well that is my excuse for being a dumb ass and not reading the route. oops i could tell Bob was NOT impressed with my misbehaviour, he has not seen anyting yet! most concerned about Marc's fall, i hope it was not due to trying to yell me back on course. Forest City Streak...kind of like that,not sure if that was me or Kim but its good!
funny as always Jeff, are you writer by trade or a moonlighter for fun?

Bob "Mac" Thompson said...

I'm just impressed that V managed to get the word "discombobulated" into a sentence. Any disappointment that I felt was far more related to my inability to keep up with V and K and therefore tell them where to go but also V's lack of new shoes (my thoughts are well documented on that issue) but then I got a look at Kim's shoes and well....... Although, she still scores huge points with her discovery of diverting USA shipping costs AND allowing me to purchase either Asics or Adidas who, for some stupid reason, refuse to ship to Canada. Same with Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries and the like, but I won't get started on that!


Radical Running said...

Mamma always told be "Better a smart ass than a dumb ass." I'm just trying to live up to Momma's expectations.

Kasia said...

How did this happen?
Who is Kim?
Is Karen back yet?
Yes, treacherous weather indeed.
I always debate if I should use track aids or not before venturing outside...Today was no exception.
Will probably be out with you guys after a long abscence in about three weeks I hope.
Keep warm.

Radical Running said...

Kim is new-ish, she has been out the past couple of weeks.

Anyone care to divulge Kim's pedigree further.

Karen has been out about three times again over the past couple of weeks. She's doing well, but not saying much.

I've had the YakTrax out a couple of times but decided against them today. After being harassed mercilessly by Marc (mud tires on an Indy Car indeed). The bruises to my fragile ego are only now fading.

Now, as far as how did it happen?

I'm accepting full and complete responsibility. There were two printed maps of the route on the front seat of my car. Had I been thinking, I would have put them in my pocket and used them as insulation. If anyone needed or asked for a map, I could have sold one or both to the highest bidder. I'll know better for next time.

See you soon!

PS: I'm neither a professional writer or moonlighter, just an unrepentant smartass. I'm sure I'll get my comeuppance from y'all.