Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Last night's run was repeat of the Tuesday's route only this time the group was much smaller.  I ran with Graham and KO.  Holly opted for an even shorter run to preserve her boundless energy for soccer later in the evening.

The weather was identical to Tuesday, with a minor increase in the wind that didn't affect the running.  Wind chill was reported to be about -8C with the temp hovering around -2.  The sidewalks and roads were greasy with slush and the traffic at Richmond and Regent held us up again.

We played dodg'em crossing Oxford by heading for the intersection at Maitland and wandered the backstreets to eventually get to Dufferin and the home stretch.   KO was a trooper the last half of the run.  Coming back from her surgery , this was only her third time out running.  While we have had time to acclimatize to the cold, she's hasn't had the opportunity to suffer the indignities freezing her assets like the rest of the group has the past couple of weeks.

The highlight of the night was when Graham quoted Top Gun by telling KO, "Never leave your wingman" when she suggested we drop her in the last couple of klicks. 

Our overall pace was 5:06 for the 7 km which was just slightly slower than Tuesday.  The strange part, was this run felt so much better than the previous night.  I don't know if it was being warmed up from playing hockey in Thamesford at 4pm.  We rolled a forward line so the pace of the game was quicker than normal, we shifted quicker than the other line and played more cohesively as a unit.   Red Light absolutely stole a sure goal with an amazing glove save however, we were able to win the tightly contested match 7-5 with a late insurance goal.

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