Sunday, February 7, 2010


Weekend runs are a mixed blessing. I don’t mind my Saturday morning run at all. Friday is my second scheduled rest day every week. Regardless of the 3:30 Boston Qualifier Marathon Training Schedule, I can’t run six days a week, my body won’t take it. Ideally, I should try and get the occasional week with back-to-back rest days.

Our Saturday runs are 8km. throughout the 18 week schedule. It’s a distance that I like, not too far, not too short. I find anything under 30 minutes too short, luckily between the weather and the traffic signals, our Tuesday 6km runs have just been over the 30 minute mark although just barely.

The run consisted of the die hards, Victoria back after being MIA for a bit, Marc and Bob, and me. This run being Bob’s last one before his Cruise Ship Carb Loading Buffet Tour.

Yesterday was cold, January cold with a twist. It was also damp. Victoria was the first to notice the damp. It makes the cold go right through your clothing. The winds was out of the northeast, just enough to dissipate any heat you generate when you run it to it.

The route was a quick tour of Old North with Black Friars finish. A couple of hills tossed in for good measure. Marc and Victoria paired up in the lead with Bob and I chatting away from 10 to 100 meters back. We maintained a consistent 5 min pace slowing a bit towards the end on the finish hill.

Good run, decent pace. Nothing hurt too much other than the lungs from breathing in the cold air. The back of my right heel still tender, I asked Victoria about her laser treatment for her Tibialis Posterior strain. I was hoping that laser therapy might be an alternative to the ultrasound therapy and massage I’ve been receiving on my ankle. Victoria is in the process of researching the technique and equipment required and which clinics in London are equipped. She was visiting a colleague in Ridgetown to get a treatment and more information. Nicole would like to be able to refer some of her clients on occasion if there is an appropriately equipped facility. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Either I’m overtraining or losing interest in hockey. My head just isn’t in the game at the moment. For the brief periods of time that the puck is on my stick I’m brain dead. I can’t stick handle, I don’t “see the ice”, I have no eye hand co-ordination. Nothing is clicking. I took a puck off the top of my foot in warm-up and got hit in the ass thigh unintentionally blocking a shot in the game. I’m going to play out the month and then decide if I’m done for the season.

Getting home just before midnight, running the washing machine, while I wind down, and getting to bed around 1am to be up at 6am to get organized (I have to eat something before running) for an 8:30 run is becoming problematical.

The longer our runs become, the worse I’m feeling at the end.

Today’s run started out well enough. I didn’t realize that Shane and Victoria had rocketed out with the group. Marc, Karen and I were in the group behind them. (About a day and a half behind by my reckoning)

An easy out and back 16 km route, the turnaround about 6 minutes away from home, a good thing when running with the on-call pager for work We did most of the 10:1’s. Karen and I opting to slow the pace a bit and catch Marc when he took the walk break. . Karen was going to extend her run and kept going at the turnaround. Marc and I did the about face at 8km and stormed up the hill on Highbury to begin our trek back to the store.

I’m surprised at the watch data, we did the hill on pace. It’s easily 800 meters and 4-6 degrees of slope. Returning on Cheapside, we caught the end of the group doing the shorter distance. Patti and Nancy suggested that I wasn’t drinking enough, when they saw I hadn’t finished the first of two 8 ounce bottles of Gatorade. I was experimenting with drinking and eating this week. I had a package of Orange Gu Chomps tucked in to the inside pocket of my hoodie. (Trying to keep them warm and soft). I made almost back to the store before bonking. Or at least what I thought was bonking. I felt slow, Marc pulled away as he has consistently been doing the last kilometre of the run. My watch data had me at 4:57, 4:48; 4:52 for the last three kilometres. That’s not bonking at all. Endurance running; its 90% mental and the other half physical.

I was definitely dehydrated at the end. I’m tired, I’m sore, I’m stiff and I’m proud. All in all, that was a good run – 16km in 1:23:31 with a 5:16 pace with most of the 10:1’s

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