Friday, February 12, 2010

Confusion Says

I’m confused by this week’s workout schedule.

I ran an easy 5:15/km pace on Tuesday night. Coming off my rest day on Monday, my legs were fresh, we had an extended stop in the blowing snow due to a train. All in all a nice easy run on so-so footing.

Wednesday night, the weather isn’t much better. No blowing snow but the wind was definitely strong. More hills on this route, same brutal footing on the sidewalks, from bare, to slush, two inches of snow, and wind blown drifting snow.

More stop and go on this route, major intersections, shopping plaza entryways, traffic lights. Fartlek city central around vehicles blocking the sidewalk.

I ran with Karen the entire way. We’d occasionally catch up to Marc and Juliana at an intersection, and then they’d leave us behind once we got moving again. Karen and I dropped the other pair that hung with us at the front for the first 5K during the hills on Sarnia Road.

Bounding along to Oxford, Marc and Juliana made the light Wonderland and crossed to the south side, while Karen and I stayed on the north side and hit every green light along the way until Richmond. We inevitably got stuck at the last intersection on a red that lasted for a couple of minutes.

My breathing was heavy, my legs tired, cold and stiff. This run felt like it took a lot out of me. Then there was the pace. 5:15 for the 10K WTF? Didn’t I just run a 5:15 over 5K and say how great it felt? I’m confused. This kid is totally and completely perplexed. Even more annoying is that this had to be the run that the battery in my HRM died. I have my Garmin tracking data but no heart rate. I had mentioned to Karen it was going to be interesting to see what my heart rate did. Apparently, I jinxed myself on that one.

Thursdays I’m doing at the gym. 30 minutes on the elliptical and 50 minutes on the dreadmill. Ideally, about 15K between the two. Two weeks ago, miserable workout, last week; better, last night; fricken awesome! Again WTF? I’m going change my twitter nickname to runslikeyoyo
The difference, a Tim Horton’s large Double-Double coffee and sesame seed bagel with regular cream cheese on the forty minute drive from work to Good Life.

I made both distances in the allotted times, my effort level was high enough to burn around 1000 calories in 90 minutes but not at the level of exhaustion I’ve been feeling. The miracle of caffeine or the 644 calories and 81 grams of carbohydrates. Whatever it was, it worked. I didn’t get home until after 8pm and to have some semblance of dinner.
So what’s the real story, bad weather, over training, poor nutrition, paralysis by analysis, or just plain confused.

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