Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Does This Body Belong to Anyone?

After our safety talk last week, I had an outstanding item on my To-Do List. Find some identification to carry while running.

When I’m on-call, I carry my pager and cell phone during a run. Depending on the route, I may carry my cell phone. When not on-call - no phone. If I’m racing, I doubt I’ll carry the cell phone. I don’t have an iPhone, or a data plan, or the dexterity to tweet or shoot video while marathoning.

As noted by one of our Group Leaders, he could always help identify the body as … “That’s Jeff. I know lots about him except next of kin, blood type, phone number, residence, or emergency contacts. I do know, he does run a mean negative split and doesn’t hydrate very well. That might explain why he passed out.”
There are plenty of options available Road ID is probably one of the best known.
Runner’s ID is another.

You can even start a home-based business selling medical/childrens/sport identification, if you are so inclined.

But not me. I just want to get this item off my To-Do List. I believe if you have identification then nothing bad is likely to happen to you. IE:If you’ve got it, you won’t need it.

I’m not a bracelet kind of guy. I’m also not big on Velcro attachments, whether it’s on my wrist or my shoe. I’d rather tattoo something more meaningful than my address on my body. Beside, the minute the tattoo was complete, we’d have to move for one reason or another. Murphy’s Law on Tattoos – The moment it’s permanent, it isn’t.

Dog tags (the military type not the ones attached to a leather collar around my neck) seemed like a logical choice.

I opted for a simple tag on a bead chain from www.mydogtag.ca with the following information

Phone Number
Driver’s License (15 digits without the -‘s)
Postal/Zip Code

Two of everything includes tags, silencers, with 30 inch chains and shipping for $12. Wow, first socks and now identification. That’s two items off my list and it’s only Tuesday

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