Sunday, February 28, 2010

Halfway There

Last Sunday was not fun. I bailed on our 19km run but managed 13.5km.

I didn't run all week. Two sessions on the elliptical for an hour each was my compromise.

Good cross training alternative, no impact, no weather to contend with.

Rested two days.

Physio assessment.


It snowed Friday.

It’s slushy, and cold, and damp.

The schedule says 23km, that's 14 miles. Over the half marathon distance.

The furthest I've gone is 18km.

Gut check time.

To paraphrase Roy's soliloquy from Bladerunner "All those miles will be lost in time, like hills in the rain. Time to run."

I heated up the bean bag in the microwave to warm up the thigh on the drive to the Running Room.

A bag of Gu Chomps, two bottles of Amino Vital Endurance. I briefly considered a burnt offering to the running gods but haven't totally written off my Brooks Trance shoes yet.

Weather was co-operating, a bit of wind, just above freezing. Sidewalks didn't freeze overnight. I opted to wear my YakTrax.

I stayed back with Rebecca, our "other" Clinic Leader. Marc, Bob, Juliana, Karen, Victoria, and I think Shane disappeared heading up Richmond.

We entered the park system at Gibbons. The path was snow covered and three inches deep.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!. No worries, Slow and steady. Use the 10 and 1's. Lots of time, long way to go. Up and over the bump at Black Friar's. Still crappy footing. Through Harris Park, over the bridge, behind the Children’s Museum. Will we ever get to the Bike Tunnel?

Finally plow marks! Terry Fox Parkway. Clear sailing. Passing the Roman Baths at kilometer 8, I drifted ahead. No one followed.

I was on my own for the next 15 kilometers. No tunes. Just a running commentary in my head. I feel good. Surprisingly good. Was that my watch? When can I walk. Drink something. Eat something. Past Storeybook gardens. Past Springbank Dam (will they ever fix that thing?)

Up the hill and around the bend. That's Boler Road, 14 kilometers in the bag.

Every step now is back to the store.

I've run this before. I know every landmark.

Pump House - 8km back

Buchanan Bridge - 6km back

Saturn Park - 5km back

Curnoe Tunnel - 3km back

Children’s Museum and back in to the slush and snow.

Damn, I was doing good. Stride was strong. Tired but moving 5:22 pace at the 20km mark

I've never been this far. But the conditions. Damn.

Slow. Slower. I'm dying. Hips are beyond tight. I'm shuffling my feet.

I'm walking up the hill to the bridge at the Prevost.

I'm not going back in to Harris Park.

Up the hill on King Street.

Damn traffic, can't cross the street.

I need to keep moving.

Wind is sucking the life out of me, 5:57 for the last kilometer.

Don't care.

23.18km - 2 hours 18 minutes

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