Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its a Stretch

Run Club Wednesdays don’t usually feel like time trials. For whatever reason last night, our 10km speed run seemed to be executed at more of race pace than training tempo. Perhaps it was we made all the lights and were denied the luxury of traffic enforced rest breaks. Initially, we didn’t seem that fast, the first kilometer an easy 5:16, after that the next nine rolled by just under or just over 5:00/km. Bob and I rolled in behind Marc and Julianna and finished with an overall 5:01 pace for the 9.8km.

We used the metronome effect of Julianna’s spikes on the pavement to set our cadence. When the going got squishy, we followed Marc’s flashlight. Bob’s glittering shoe laces provided no additional benefit to us when we were briefly behind him crossing Richmond at Dufferin early on in the run. We had to continually switch between sidewalk and road to find the optimum running surface. Occasionally traffic drove us to the sidewalk just to be safe. William Street has miserable, at one point there were five runners all trying to find a clear lane to run. Good thing there was no traffic, we totally hogged the road.

Due to being on the later shift at work, I missed playing hockey yesterday. I’m sure my run benefitted by not having tired legs. My average heart rate was a modest 151 beats per minute. The right heel is tender again. The tightness that was plaguing my achilles earlier isn’t the same, but I’m concerned that the tenderness is lingering and not going away. I’ve resurrected my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8’s from the back of the closet. I’m going to try using them on the treadmill for today’s 10km workout. I’m curious to see how they’ll feel, I’m sure I can’t repeat last Thursday’s training fiasco no matter how hard I try.

I’ve also registered for an introductory yoga workshop. On February 21st, Moksha Yoga is presenting “Real Men Do Yoga”. Given the amount of time I’ve spent in physiotherapy since August, I need to try something different. Learning how to stretch out my hamstrings has been beneficial and I haven’t had a reoccurrence of the problem the side-lined my running most of last summer. I can touch my toes as well and that wasn’t happening before I committed to the recovery program. Even if I never master full pretzel pose, as long as I’m careful, there has to be some upside to working on my flexibility.

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