Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rhymes with Notorius

Interesting ending to the week.

I took two rest days Thursday and Friday. Back to back. No exercising. Some stretching. I felt guilty. Guilty?

It was actually something I planned before I tweaked my whatsus. Perhaps it was the abreviated workouts at the gym as opposed to running that was bothering me. Perhaps it was being less than 100 per cent. Truthfully, I haven't been 100% since early last summer. As Gilda would say, "It's always something".

Friday I finally got to see my physio-terrorist. She performed a thorough evaluation of back, hips, knees, ankles, and my ablity to blink. After everythingh else was eliminated, we got to the area where you need to cough. It didn't take to long to find the location that hurt. Deep in the groin area. Her diagnosis, sartorius strain. We did the idle chat about anything while she massaged out the knot. Yes kids I said knot not .. well yanno rhymes with guts. Then an ultrasound treatment. I asked about seeing a massage therapist. We were able to book an appointment with a RMT that she thought would be able to deal with my issues.

I was able to run 9km Saturday morning. If I could stay on the clear pavement I was OK. Sadly clear pavement was not an option most of the time. Pushing off with the left leg in the slush was very difficult. I managed to stay with the group ( if you don't include the greyhounds Victoria and Shane) until the very end. The plan was 8km, the last bit was over a section of very sloppy sidewalk, so I didn't push it. That last split was my slowest about 5:56/km. Oh the horror, my status as an honorary Ethiopian is in jeopardy. I took a bit of good natured teasing over the groin massage. Apparently I've become one of those "creepy" patients. I'll accept my new status if It lets me run pain free.

Late Saturday afternoon I met my massage therapist. Nice gentlaman, European accent, knows his stuff. Lying face down, he started on my back. Snap, crackle, and pop. Lots of idle chit chat to take my mind off what he's doing. No issues with my calves or hamstrings. Very strange, my darling wife must have a better touch at grinding out those trigger points than she gives herself credit for.

Pancake flip over, and I'm lying on my back. Discussion topic, "What makes a person want to run a marathon (especially at your age). He didn't buy my "Youth is fleeting, but immaturity can last a lifetime." philosophy.

Rotating the left leg out, he started on the adductors. OMFG! OMFG!! OMFG!!!

I'm sure I have to put my eyes back in to my head more than once.

Breathe he told me.

Close my eyes and go to my happy place.

Did I just teleport to Lamaze class?

One side done.

Over to the right side.

Good Golly Miss Molly. Great Googely Moogely. How could the "good side" hurt even more.

Where's my epidural?

Breathe, don't tell me to breathe, gimme a bullet to bite!

I survived.

We (assisted) stretched the hamstrings on both sides. They are way tight, even with all the psuedo-stretching I'm doing. I've got some homework to do some extended stretching with a strap. Just like we learned in our clinic presentation this week. I get the message, I don't need a third reminder.

Another suggestion, epsom salt bath. Just like Victoria told me. I'm only slightly stupid. I think I'm beginning to sense a theme.

I lived. I actually felt better. I have another appointment next Friday.

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