Monday, February 15, 2010

Wayward Son

Saturday morning’s 8 Km speed run arrived plenty early this week. Bob is still on his carb loading cruise ship buffet tour. Juliana at MOMA for the weekend (lucky duck). Marty running later (more on that later). Karen taking the day off. Holly running with the "Dark Side". Marc, Victoria and I ready to go, and Shane arrived to make it a foursome.

Marc provided the route (in writing), quick review, watches set and off we go.

First off we miss Waterloo and run up Colborne, whoops. So much for written directions

While running up Richmond, Victoria and I are doing our version of Brody and Quint's "war injuries" comparison from Jaws. Conversation is a great leveling field; we were running a 4:40 pace. Shane eventually joined us with Marc hanging back. Recognizing I could only manage that pace for a few kilometers I fell back to run with Marc. Shane and Victoria easily sped off.

Marc needed a brief respite to fix a shoe lace, I soldiered on. I never did saw Marc again until back at the store.

Just past the Thompson Arena, Marty goes by heading north. Seconds late Aretta passes with a friend. I guess they started a bit earlier than planned.

I was about a 100 meters back of Victoria and Shane as they turned down Platt's Lane Thinking they were adding some extra distance; I stayed southbound on Western Road/Wharncliffe. At the intersection of Oxford and Wharncliffe we met up again. The route had us staying on Wharncliffe to Queens/Riverside

This time I stayed a bit closer, until the Blackfriars bridge. They went up the hill and I turned along the bike path on the west side of the river to head towards Riverside/Queens. The path was snowed covered with poor footing. Somewhere along here I looked at my watch and thought I'd run just overt 5km.

Up the hill, at Queens, over to Richmond, checked my pace and saw 11km. Whoops,

Made it to the Running Room, everyone else was happily stretching and chatting. Shane and Victoria did 11 km, my watch had me at 12km. I should have followed them up the hill when I had the chance. I would have been closer to 10Km but nowhere near the mythical 8 Km we started out to do. My overall pace was under 5min/km, with that section along the river on the bike path being the slowest.

So much for writing it down.

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