Monday, March 29, 2010

Around the Mall

Friday was a scheduled rest day. I don’t think I could do another hour on an elliptical if I was paid an appearance fee.

Saturday was a bit messed up in that while I was at the Running Room there wasn’t a lot of running. One of our Group Leaders was being filmed as the result of a clinical trial for an asthma protocol in which he participated. We pretended to listen to his heart rate monitoring lecture and then staged a mock running session while they filmed away. Since no one was overly interested in any actual running, I popped in to Spartan Nutrition for my Amino Vital Endurance powder. My quick trip became extended when I had to go cross town to their other store to pick up my particular flavor. C’est la vie.

I eventually got organized around noon and went outside to run around the neighbourhood for the third Saturday in a row. My left leg wasn’t feeling particularly good during the mock run so I was pleasantly surprised that popping a couple of Tylenol beforehand took the edge off. I also made a mental note not to take off quite so fast to see if that made any difference to the overall feeling of the run. Last week I took my ipod with me, this week I forgot or didn’t care because it wasn’t until about five minutes in to the run I noticed I didn’t have it with me.

This run went surprisingly well given my low expectations. It was the quickest I’ve been able to complete it in the past three weeks and I had reasonable control of the left leg.

I’m glad I didn’t register for Around the Bay but it wasn’t because of my injury status. I had decided very early on that the chances of enjoying a 30km run in cold and rain weren’t very high. In the back of my mind I was also performing a bit of a public service. Because I wasn’t going to Hamilton this year it was almost guaranteed that they’d have better than normal weather for the event.

I had to check the weather Sunday morning before deciding on the game plan for the day. It was cool but not wet. The rain looked like it would hold off until later in the morning, so I went in to the Running Room with plans to run the 19km with the Ottawa training group. I assumed most of the Mississauga training group would be at ATB.

There were about a half dozen of the group with four running 19km and two running 29 km. Bob would take the group out for the first 4km and then head back.

I went out with Bob, we weren’t going too fast but soon separated from the other runner’s. I let him know about the blueberry VegeGreen powder I picked up along with the PhytoBerry at Spartan. It was news to Bob that there was a flavoured VegeGreen product. He’s used to the less than palatable “green” version and buries it in a smoothie. Both products are from Progressive Nutritionals.

From about the point Bob turned back, past Masonville Mall, up the hill on Fanshawe Park Road, flipping the turnaround at Louise I was running by myself. Going back down the hill, I passed Patti getting ready to head up the hill. I could see Katie all the way down at Richmond crossing at the mall intersection. They turned back right at Louise while I continued on a bit further until my Garmin read 9.5km. It took until just before Adelaide to reel them in.

We ran together the entire way back to the store. The wind out of the south made the trip back down Adelaide much harder work. Stopping and starting for the traffic was difficult as usual with my hips getting cold even though I had on my heavy wind pants.

All in all I was pleased with the run. I don’t think I could have run 30 km, but I was comfortable for the entire 19. I ran in my Brooks Trance 7’s with the heavy cushioned Thorlo sock. With about three kilometers left I could tell the sock had shifted under my right heel. Once home it was obvious that it had irritated the bottom of my heel where the blister from the ankle tensor fiasco was supposed to be healing. Nothing too dramatic I’m just going to have to be very cautious to ensure that I don’t make it any worse over the next couple of weeks.

More medical appointments this week, I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we keep making progress.

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