Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hop-Along Cassidy

Whatever malady my aging car has contracted seems to be contagious. The car has been in to the shop numerous times for brake repairs, thermostat replacement, front end struts and realignment, new tires, and the inevitable oil change. Now there is a strange knocking sound under the hood. Whatever it is, I don’t wanna know.

My body is behaving just as poorly. Fix one thing, and something else acts up. Life was so much easier on the couch with a can of soda (or three) and a big bag of potato chips. I didn’t know a Sartorius from an Orange Julius. Achilles was some dude that hung around with Hercules.

Last night’s our Marathon Clinic when on a field trip to Spartan Nutrition. We learned all about whey protein isolate that tastes like fruit juice, goji and acai berries, glutamine powders, and branch chain amino acids. Really, can’t I just have an extra large serving of French fries?

After the presentation we went out for a 6km tempo run just for grins and giggles.

The run started off well, a red light for three minutes, followed by an advanced green that nearly took out the lead group that jumped the light. (How long ago was that safety talk?)

The sidewalks were a mixed bag of fun. Melt water slowly freezing, puddles, and slush. Quelle excitement. A groups of kids proved to briefly annoying but didn’t stick around very long once they figured out we weren’t stopping to play. Running along St George there was a larger than normal group and a sub 5 minute pace. For once we had the downhill on St George likely contributing to the pace.

Everything was going along swimmingly until Epworth. As soon as I took the corner, I was in trouble. The right ankle went from being moderately stiff to on 8/10 on the pain scale. Starting on the lateral (outer) side of the ankle through to the heel was on fire. Epworth has a moderate hill. I managed to keep going thinking that the pain would subside; figuring I did something to the ankle when making the turn off Richmond. It did calm down a bit, to like a 7. I fell off the pace running down Waterloo. Juliana was with me and we crossed Oxford and made it to Central. If the terrain was flat I was OK. Any type of contour and I was having difficulty pushing off. I got out of the cold and in to the store to see if warming up helped at all. Any type of stretching of the ankle hurt, even hobbling back to the car was not pleasant. Once home throwing on the heated beanbag didn’t help. The back of the heel was incredibly tender to touch. This morning, still no better, stretching hurts, lots of tenderness, no discoloration, and getting around involves moving like Hop-Along Cassidy .

There is no way I can run hills tonight. I’ve got my gym gear with me. Maybe the elliptical, maybe the bike, maybe not. Physio tomorrow night, if I live that long. They shoot horses don’t they?


Revrunner said...

Yeah, I've had to resort to the stationary bike the last couple of days after aggravating my knee somehow. Just have to be flexible about workouts sometimes to allow the body to heal. Good luck!

Scott Brown said...

Hey Jeff

thanks for coming over. I'll be back he too, looks interesting!


Scott Brown said...

"here" ;)