Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Incredible Mr Limpit

Saturday afternoon and evening were spent stretching. I tightened up a bit but that’s normal for me after any run. I went shopping with my wife. We picked up some groceries and made a trip to the drug store. I picked up a tube of Traumeel and a box of blister covers from the famous foot doctor’s company. I also scored a couple of bags of Sharkies for $2 apiece.

The rest of the day was spent stretching and applying Traumeel to my heel.

All in all, I didn’t feel too bad and the ankle seemed to be in good shape.

I watched some PVR’d episodes of Better Off Ted, most of the Leafs vs Sens on HNIC until that horrid shoot out ending. After that I had to go to bed and sulk.

I checked the 26 km route for the morning before heading to bed to dream of a Death March.

Trying to figure out what to wear was problematic. The morning started out cold but was supposed to reach 5 - 8C by mid morning. The run (with walk breaks) should be completed in less than three hours. As per usual, I opted for warm, wind tights, two long sleeve layers and running jacket. I could always tie the jacket around my hips if I got too warm (whatever too warm happens to be).

I bandaged all the toes on my left foot. There were a couple that I was concerned about and if I did two I might as well do the other two to prevent chafing. ( smart like bus)

I put one of those new fangled famous foot doctor band-aids on my right instep and selected a pair of dual layer Wright socks. Covered the missing nail on my second toe, laced up the shoe and was ready to go.

The right ankle was stiff but not too sore. The left hip seemed to be in not too bad of shape either. I did a brief dynamic warm-up outside the store while waiting for the group to gather. My pace plan was to start out a bit slower like last week and see how I felt at the 16km mark. If I still had lots of energy, Id open up the pace. I was hoping not to be going too much faster than a 5:30/km pace. With the walking breaks, I’d be closer to about 5:45/km. Good enough for a LSD run in “diminished capacity”.

I thought that I’d hang back with Rebecca and a slower group at the start, however, Rebecca joined Marc and Bob at the front of the pack for the first 4 kilometres before falling back. It was during that time that Nicole and I agreed to stay at our 5:30-ish pace. We were both comfortable there and surprisingly, we were not that far off the front group through the first 10K. Brett joined us just before Pond Mills as we climbed a double hump hill.

As Pond Mills became Southdale there was an undocumented course correction (thanks Bob) that followed Pond Mills further south to Bradley Ave. The change made sense as it avoided running along Wellington Road between Southdale and Bradley.

Unfortunately, no one consulted the weather chart to determine that the prevailing wind was directly out of the west and right in our faces the entire length of Bradley to White Oaks Road (about 6 km). While the sun was warm the wind chill had everyone adjusting their clothing to cover back up. Gloves went back on and any talk of overheating abruptly stopped.

My ankle was holding up remarkably well, but that (stupid) blister was getting quite sore. Once more Gilda was quoted as Nicole remarked her knee was also complaining. “It’s always something.”

Somewhere along White Oaks Road before reaching Southdale we passed the 16 kilometre mark. Jockeyed around puddles and ice and mud to get to Wharncliffe. Down Wharncliffe to Commissioners. It was along here that Brett picked up his pace and was able to pick off the group ahead of us before reaching Wortley Village. It was in quaint Wortley Village that we met the only a-hole driver who implored us to get off the road and tangled up with the pedestrian traffic pushing baby stroller and walking their dogs on the side walk. Of course our buddy driving was the only one on the street with and stopped at the time he impressed us with is knowledge of the English language and the nuances of sitting still as we ran past.

Once passed the village both Nicole and I began checking our Garmin’s for distance. We knew that we were going to have to overshoot the store and run up to Oxford to get the full 26 km. It seemed that we might not have to run that far, weren’t we further than 5km away from the store. We’d watch our watches and not run meter further than we had to if it meant avoiding running past the store.

Sadly, as we reached Central Ave, we were short, only 23 km. Up to Oxford on heavy legs, we agreed to skip entering the park at the Black Friars Bridge. Straight up Talbot to Oxford and back to the store, we were done. Her knee and my foot were finished at 23 km. We finished at 25.18km. Close enough.

My little blister covered the entire instep of my foot. The famous foot doctor’s expensive band-aid had rolled up into an irritating ball inside of my anti-blister socks. Son-of-a-nevermind, I finished the run.

After the week of limping around, what’s a blister the size of Rhode Island anyway?

It’s a medal of honour for the Incredible Mr Limp-It!

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