Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lost Weekend

I hit the gym after work on Thursday, half an hour on the stationary bike, followed by another half hour on the elliptical.

No major issues with either piece of equipment.

Friday night was massage night. I was more relaxed as Petr worked on the calves and hamstrings. There were a couple of tender spots but nothing like I was expecting, only once did I grit my teeth through releasing the trigger point.

We talked about whether I was still considering the laser therapy. He went to work on my ankle. Mel has better technique or perhaps better focus isolating the problem. Petr certainly loosened up the ankle. He thought perhaps a chiropractor might have better luck mobilizing the joint. He also feels that I need to get in to the laser clinic.

I woke up Saturday morning to a tender ankle. Evan had an 8:30 am soccer game so I wasn’t running with the rest of the Free Radicals. (They tied 1-1)

After extricating myself from the kids, I was able to get out and try the same run as last Saturday, only this time the weather was a bit nicer. Some wind, no rain, not quite as cold but nothing like the warm temperature we had all week. It figures that the really good weather was gone for the weekend.

The first kilometer is slightly uphill. The right ankle complained and the left leg hurt right from the first step. I was able to “find the ground” better and by kilometer two had better running form. I finished the first three in 15:33, it felt faster.

The next five and a bit went by uneventfully while I listened to the iPod. It’s too bad that the Genius function picked most of the same songs in one of my existing playlists.

I was happier with this run than Wednesday night’s. While certainly not pain free, I saw some improvement on the left side, enough to give me thoughts of attempting to run the 30 km route Sunday morning.

While uploading my watch data, I found an email from Victoria. She was checking up on me since I missed the morning run. We fired a few emails back and forth over the afternoon and evening reviewing my seemingly endless list of problems and I have some great advice and another avenue to explore. The best advice was not to get too committed to long runs when your running form is gone. Simple advice, really good advice, hard advice to take when the only thing you want to do is run that distance to prove to yourself that you can do it.

Sunday morning, I’m drinking my coffee (from a brand spankin’ new Tassimo coffee machine thanks to my wife) and the weather gadget is blinking at me with a freezing rain warning. I dropped a couple of F-Bombs and decided to go to the gym and cross train.

I opted for the downtown Good Life thinking it would be less busy on a Sunday morning, and it has an very short indoor track. I pounded out 8 miles on the elliptical in an hour and felt quite good doing it. So why not try a few laps. Not a good idea. From a zero to nine on the pain scale, apparently it’s F-Bomb Sunday. If I knew what shin splints felt like, I’d say that’s one of the things that’s hurting, but how can the shin hurt and the calf at the same time? Poor form, shin pain, calf pain, floppy foot, lack of strength. Sciatic nerve.

Then this from Ayssa Tower.

What a weekend!

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