Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bleed It Out

After Thursday’s craptacular run I took Friday as a rest day. A rest day and another trip to Nicole’s office to get adjusted, Friday was the last of my twice a week sessions. We’ve made excellent progress, I say we, but seriously having a medical practitioner that understands running mechanics really helps. We booked an appointment on Wednesday to get me fitted for an orthotic. I also got the green light to take it easy and try the 32 km run on Sunday.

Saturday morning, the weather was less than spectacular. It was trying to snow. As much as I joked with people entering the gym about it being crystal sunshine I was concerned about the forecast for Sunday. A long cold wet run was becoming a distinct possibility.

All of the LifeFitness elliptical machines were in use, so I opted to try one of the Precor machines. I’d only ever been on one once in the past and didn’t do a very good job of getting the settings correct. This time I took a bit more time and got something closer to the random setting I was used to using on the other machines. The crossramp function is similar to incline on the treadmill and while the resistance varied the crossramp remained constant at 10. Of course 10 is a good number because at the end of the hour I was a whisker short of 10 kilometers. I was gassed as well, this machine is a much more intense workout that the LifeFitness elliptical.

There was a light misting rain on the drive to the Running Room on Sunday morning which stopped by the time we got out to run. The route was a mix of multipath and roads that brought up back to the store along the infamous Retina route. We joked that we would soon be able to get back with our eyes closed. I believed that I mentioned I knew every duck and goose by name.

Rebecca had a cooler for us at the 23km point with water and Gatorade. For some reason, I had Gatorade on the brain so I picked up a couple of bottles when I grabbed my morning coffee and filled my new 10 ounce bottles. I mixed up my Amino Vital in the empty bottle for after the run. I debated which jacket to run in and opted for the cycling style drop tail jacket over the one where I could remove the sleeves. I tossed a sweat top into the bag and didn’t over dress but wore long running tights and a short sleeve top. I figured I could tie the jacket around my waist if the sun came out.

Walking to the store from the car I knew I was underdressed, the wind was cold and it was damp. The sky didn’t seem to indicate it was going to clear any time soon. I put on the long sleeve sweat top under my jacket and grabbed a pair of gloves. It was going to be a long morning.

I was hoping to go slow but it seemed that the pace was around 5:30 for the first few kilometers. We took walking breaks every 10 minutes and the group was mostly together so maybe it wasn’t too fast. Egerton Street double back and ran with Chris and Julianne, we lost Jules on the Pond Mills hill. The group reformed just past Wellington at Ernest

The wind seemed to be changing direction no matter which way we ran. We ran nine kilometers along Southdale, then lots of hills approaching Boler and beyond. We finished the half marathon distance just before entering Springbank Park. In the park, the Walk for MS was in progress.

At the Storeybook Garden’s carousel, we stopped where Rebecca had a cooler of water and Gatorade for us. I had drained my two bottles, so I refilled one and drank the other half of the bottle. It was quite congested with MS walkers up until the rowing club. We dodged around and through them until we were finally clear. Approaching the sewage treatment plant, we found Julianne, Katie, and Lisa. I was starting to run out of gas. I was cold. The wind seemed to be continually following us. I ran albeit slowly with Katie and Lisa past the Children’s Museum up to the foot bridge and then died. That damn hill took it out of me again. I walked across the foot bridge, tried to run up the hill on King Street, eventually getting to Talbot and walking, stumbling, swearing my way to Richmond. I managed a very slow jog in to the wind to the store. I finished 32.8 km in 3:21.

I got in to the store and was able to get in to a change room reasonably quickly. The first thing I noticed after getting my run jacket off was the tenderness in my right nipple. I didn’t wear my usual compression tech shirt. Apparently nipples bleed if you rub them the wrong way. That lovely yellow shirt that you see in some of my pictures wasn’t looking quite so good. No big deal, I know that it was the sweatshirt on top of the tech shirt that caused the problem. What I don’t understand is what happened next. I had to relieve myself of some of that Gatorade. After a long run, my urine is usually a bright yellow from dehydration. What I was staring at looked completely different. It appeared that I had been bleeding. There was nothing bright red in the bowl but instead of yellow it was a cloudy rust color. I was a wee bit freaked out for a moment. There was nothing normal about what I was looking at.

I wasn’t in any physical discomfort; I wasn’t feeling faint, confused, but not faint. I joined the group at William’s for some post run recovery. I inhaled the bottle of Amino Vital, sipped on my coffee and warmed up. I managed the stair to the washroom for round two. Nada, nothing out of the ordinary, just a confused look. Marc asked if I was OK. As we were heading out the door, I let him know why I looking so confuzzled. His admonition was to get some medical help.

When I reached home, I had an Epsom salt bath, I so needed to warm up. Before I ate anything or stretched I called Telehealth Ontario to speak to a registered nurse. We covered a number of basic questions and then dialed in to more specific detail. No fever, no tenderness, not faint. No lingering illnesses. At the end of the interview it was suggested that I visit a walk-in clinic over the next 48 hours and provide a urine sample for analysis.

I’ve survived the last 48 hours, no reoccurring problems, other than showering is a whole new experience. I’m thinking there must have been sandpaper inside that tech shirt. I think Chester’s got the right idea.

Fuck this hurts, I won't lie
Doesn't matter how hard I try
Half the words don't mean a thing
And I know that I wont be satisfied

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