Friday, April 16, 2010

Crap Happens

I was surprised how good I felt early in the week. Other than some tightness in the left calf muscle, I wasn’t feeling too drained after Sunday’s race.

I did a slow(ish) 6km run on Tuesday night with KO. My legs were heavy but nothing unmanageable. We reran the same route as the previous Tuesday where Victoria and I lit it up. Strangely, this route covers the final two kilometers of the Retina Run route. The same two kilometers that had me cramping up at the end of the race. Apparently I need to discover how I was able to levitate around the 4 kilometer mark. It seems that, if you look closely, it might have something to do with a little Michael Jordan tongue action.

Wednesday, I visited my massage therapist. I booked this appointment specifically for a post race massage. The first part of the massage was easy, then Petr went deeper in to the calf muscles. You know those nasty ones that wanted to cramp up on me. Relax and breath just ain’t gonna work when you’re clinging to the ceiling by your finger nails. The right side was noticeably more affected than the left.

Thursday’s weather was amazing, almost 80F by mid afternoon. I was finished work at 2:30 and home and out the door just after 3pm. Out the door too fast it seems. I forgot my gum. Didn’t take any water, which is not unusual for running around an hour. And wore my Brooks Trance 7 shoes that my feet don’t like, which I rationalized by thinking that I was running better, why not try them and see how they felt.

Right from the first step, I knew this was not going to be a good run. Both legs hurt. No big deal, give them 10 minutes to warm up. It’s almost normal to start out feeling that way. It was hot out there, of all days to forget my gum.

I couldn’t get in to a rhythm, I didn’t bring along any tunes. My mechanics were totally off. I originally planned to try for about 13.5 km, mentally adjusting the route to 10 km, and finally realizing it just wasn’t going to be worth trying to push it, surrendered to just under 7.5 km.

During my cool down walk, I found tucked in to my back pocket was an E Load gel (mild apple) that was in my race kit from the weekend. Not bad except it was seriously warm. While walking I came to the conclusion (for about the 10th time) that I just cannot run in the Trance shoe. Once I got in the door, I took them off and gave them to my son. Earlier this week, I ordered a second pair of Adidas Salvation 2’s. GoodLife gym members received a 40% discount from on anything not already on sale. Not a bad deal since the shoe retails for $159 and I picked them up for $95. That is until you look on the (US) website and see the shoe retails for $100. Don’t get me started on the Canadian dollar and retail shopping.

After supper, I took the dog out for a walk. She wasn’t too interested in walking (??) so I took her home and went over to the school behind the house to walk out the legs. The school yard has a small hill to separate the public school kids from the catholic school kids. The field is huge and backs on to the ravine. I walked a bit using the hill on each lap, and then tried something I’d read from Jim Hansen’s blog using techniques from the postural restoration site. They include retro stairs as an exercise. I tried backwards hills. The hill is grass so no harm in falling on my ass. It was a strange sensation to jog backwards up a hill. Strange but no worse than reverse on the elliptical. While it wasn’t really the retro stair exercise, it is something I’ll incorporate more often.

While freaking out all the tweenie’s hanging around on the play equipment, I also did some dynamic warm-up activities. The beauty of actually carrying my iTouch with me this time is not only can I listen to music, which in this case happened to be Out of Your Mouth’s Draghdad album (seriously NSFW music) but I could also flip over to some of the video’s I’d saved which include this one on technique drills from the (now defunct) Younger Legs for Older Runner’s site.

I totally forgot about that crappy run, it’s like it never happened.  Cue the music!

Out Of Your Mouth • Music



buryblue said...

Agree with you it is so often the way that you know within the few steps whether a run is going to be a good'un or a struggle

Jeff said...

As bad as it feels, the 10 minute rule is still in effect. Run for 10 minutes, if it doesn't feel any better, you're another 10 minutes back to the start.