Monday, April 26, 2010

Weathering the Storm

After three days of rest, I’m climbing the walls. I’ve been icing the shin regularly; it’s still very sensitive to the touch. Slowly the overall muscle tightness is diminishing as well. I can dorsifex (toe up) the right foot much easier although during the 40 minute drive to work I can tell that it still going to take longer before its back to normal.

While researching shin splints and stress fractures, I came across a very informative site. Dynamic Chiropractic has some excellent articles for runners in their library. I found this article on “Rehab Recommendations for Anterior Tibialis Tendinosis”, it pretty much summarizes the issues I’ve been dealing with regarding my achilles. The little light bulb went off in my head, this isn’t a new injury, it’s a side effect of a current mechanical issue that we’re still in the process of addressing. It’s a relief to know that I’m not a fragile as I once thought. It means that we’re not through treating the imbalances caused by the achilles tendon problem. The orthotics that we did the imprint for last week is the next piece of the rehab puzzle. I won’t have them for running Mississauga, that’s not a problem. I will need to break them in and train in them long before using them in a marathon.

Saturday morning, I decided to try working the legs out for a bit. I avoided the Precor elliptical and went back to the LifeFitness machine. I was able to go for a full hour without too much difficulty. I stretched out afterwards and iced a bit when I got home.

Sunday morning was windy, cool, and damp. It had been raining most of the night. The forecast was for intermittent showers, clearing around noon. The marathon groups were scheduled for 23km or 32km. My group had the 32km. I desperately wanted to try and get back to back weeks of 30 plus in the training bank. My weekend long runs seem better situated for training for a half marathon and I haven’t been able to do hills or speed work for almost a month. It still messes with my head that I nearly blew up in the last 2 km of the half marathon. I held it together to meet my goal but I should have been able to fly through that last mile not cramp up. I’m likely just being hyper critical (as usual) and over analyzing (as usual). Still it’s those little seeds of doubt are trying to take root.

I did the right thing and stayed warm and dry and off the roads on Sunday morning. I started by doing an hour on the stationary bike. I even tried it without the toe straps forcing myself to have to use my instep and heel on the pedals as suggested in the Achilles heel section of the article “Chiropractic and the Runner (Part 1 of 2)”. I could feel some tension (tightness) in the tibialis muscle but nothing too bothersome.

I took a brief rest change into a dry shirt and hat, and then pounded out another hour on the elliptical. It’s strange how the same model of machine feels so very different. At GoodLife Masonville, I find it difficult to get maintain my speed near 8.0 mph when the interval is set to random on level 12. At the downtown, Galleria (now known as Citi) Club, it’s much easier to maintain speeds of 8mph.

The last half hour seemed to drag on and on but I finished with only mild shin discomfort. I knew I was going to be icing it once I got home. There was a diffuse burning sensation but it wasn’t very intense, more of a solid good workout feeling on a sore muscle. (See positive mental imagery).

A few of the guys from the Runners Choice marathon group were back and changing. I listened to a couple of them discussing the fighting the wind on their way back in, its wasn’t raining but it was blowing pretty good from the east.

I’m glad I didn’t push my luck by running outside on Sunday but I still feel like a bit of a wimp. A safe and sound wimp but a wimp none the less. Only this wimp will be at the start line in Mississauga regardless of the weather.

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