Monday, May 3, 2010

Around and Around

… When last we left our intrepid blogger, he was lamenting his aching shin,  fearing the worst.

Monday the 26th was more icing and resting. Tuesday, I had thoughts of running; being brave naïve I packed my run gear and loaded it in to the car before heading to work. I even changed in to it after work before driving to the Running Room. It wasn’t until the walk from the car to the store that it became apparent that running was totally out of the question. The shin hurt just walking half a block. There was no way that running made sense, I sat through the attempt to watch the last half of the Nova Boston Marathon Challenge. Even the DVD player wasn’t co-operating. I t lasted for about 10 minutes in to the last half hour before it quit for the night.

The (small) group took off to run and I did the “walk of shame” back to the car.

Wednesday morning I had an appointment with Nicole. We both were figuring the worst based upon symptoms and duration. At least over the week, I had been better able to isolate where the pain was occurring. To me, it had seemed to move from the inside of the shin to the outside. Nicole was further able to isolate it to the muscle and stripped the area with cross friction massage. I talked about how my ankle was feeling “itchy” inside and that perhaps it was healing. One quick tug result in a very loud “crack” followed by peals of laughter, Uh-nope that would be locked not healed. The remainder of Tuesday and Wednesday become rest days as well.

Thursday, I opted to try the elliptical again. For the time being, I’m sticking with the LifeFitness machine and avoiding the Precor. While I’m not convinced the Precor led to my problem, I’m not about to leave it in my program. I can go back after the middle of the month and see if the shin issues return. For the time being, I’m sticking to a gym routine that has been (mostly) problem free.

The elliptical seemed more difficult than it should have. It was set on level 12 which is my normal setting for a light workout, my preferred setting is 14, and it felt like level 16. I was able to complete the hour and stretched out afterwards.

Friday, I went back to the same machine and did it all over again. This time around level 12 felt like level 12.

I debated what to do on Saturday. After back-to-back days Thursday and Friday, it didn’t make sense to do a workout on Saturday and try to run 23km on Sunday. I also had to get up early Sunday morning and go in to work before running. Early is 4:30 am.

I putzed around Saturday not really knowing what to do with myself. The Boston - Philadelphia hockey game was a 12:30 start so that helped kill part of the afternoon. I went up to visit the new Spartan Nutrition location on Highbury and talked to the owner for a bit. I have a package of GenR8 Vitargo S2. This stuff is expensive at $5 a serving, so we’ll have to see if it’s worth it.

I made it in to work just after 5am on Sunday morning, finished my menial, mundane tasks and was almost out the door on time. I had to explain the vagaries of Microsoft DNS and Cisco DHCP to one of our technicians. I also had to make a side trip back home to pick up running socks that I forgot to pack while getting organized a stupid o’clock. These two events put me far enough behind schedule (along with the threat of rain) that I opted for yet another trip to the gym.

The performance anomalies continued to present themselves with the downtown location elliptical machines being “quicker” . I finished my first hour without too much difficult by pacing myself a bit slower.

The second hour was on the treadmill. I’m not sure when the last time was that I ran on a treadmill, perhaps back in February. It had been awhile. Slow and steady was the theme for the day so I started out at a casual 5.5 mph (around an 11 minute mile) with the incline randomly varying between 1.5 and 7.8 degrees. (Level 10). After 15 minutes, I pushed the pace to a 10 minute mile and kept it there for 35 minutes. With ten minutes to go and still feeling relatively strong with no ill effects, the pace was bumped to 6.5 mph which would result in about a 4 hour marathon. The last minute clocked in at 7 mph.
A good cheat sheet for translating treadmill console speeds to something meaningful is located here.

Two weeks until race day. It seems like I’m out of the woods with the shin pain. What's next?

Around and around the wheel goes.

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Mike said...

Glad to see you're out of the woods. Good luck on race day!

Mike (TryForTri)