Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now What?

I’ve completed a marathon, except I’m really not convinced it was truly a marathon, more like “The Death March of the Penguin”. Seriously, I’m pleased with the result. I finished, and above all else I finished smiling.

Last night, we exchanged our marathon stories. I wasn’t the only one with cramping issues on race day. Everyone came away challenged by the course. More importantly, everyone finished.

I’m ready to run again. Mentally ready that is, my legs aren’t buying in to the plan. My first post race celebratory purchase was a large foam roller.

I suppose between the cuss words while I’m rolling that I need to finalize my race goals for the remainder of the year.

My destination early in 2011 is Orlando. I made plans in January of this year to participate in the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. We’re looking at accommodations and scheduling.

Before running Disney, I need to figure out the calf cramping, 39.3 miles over two days on wonky calves would not be a pleasant experience. Beside, I’m supposed to be on vacation. Vacations are fun, right?

My training group set their sights on Chicago. They registered in January and have their hotels booked. I’m sad I won’t be making the trip; I’ll be missing out on so much fun with this great group. We will be training together over the summer. There will be lots of silliness to break up the monotony of training. I’m hoping our group will be a bit bigger as well, Rebecca and Chris are joining. Hopefully we can get Holly back every once in awhile as well.

I’m looking at events where I’d like to participate.

Logically, the Toronto GoodLife Marathon works well with the Chicago training schedule. Bonus, I’d get an extra week of tapering.

Midsummer Night's Run is also under consideration. I missed last year’s 15Km event with a hamstring injury. I’d love to try and nail the 30K this year at Boston qualifying pace.

Speaking of injury, I have a date with the monster hill in the Port Stanley Reach the Beach 5K. I ran (hobbled) this event last year with the bad hamstring. This year, I plan on humbling that hill. It’s the week before Midsummer’s Night Run.

I’m torn about another option I have. My wife’s parents have been quite devastated by the loss of a family member in Afghanistan. My father-in-law is in poor health and has found coping with the loss of someone so young very hard. I feel compelled to consider running in Tyler’s memory in the Canada Army Run. So far I haven’t discussed this within the family, it may be too soon. Then again, I hate to wait too long, tough call either way.

I have also secretly committed to another event that I’m very excited about. This one is going to be great fun. I’ll share more details sometime after the Ottawa Marathon.

Looks like I have lots of options, lots more running, lots more to blog about.

During my post marathon massage, Petr had his work cut out for him; my calves were knotted beyond belief. He asked me to lie back and think about running. I found myself striding effortlessly through the shady streets of Mississauga during the first half of the course. I was happy, confident, and in complete control. It was the best feeling ever. I love running. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

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