Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walk Don’t Run

I really didn’t think it would take this long to get back in to action after Mississauga. My calves have been fine for almost a week now. My left ankle, that is to say, my formerly good left ankle still hasn’t fully recovered from the marathon.

At first it seemed to be a bout of tibial tendonitis, however, the site of tenderness now seems to be more localized to the top of the ankle. I see Nicole tomorrow morning, perhaps she can amputate manipulate the ankle.

I’ve been walking quite regularly since the middle of last week. On Tuesday night, I did some simple form drills and short 30 second runs where you count the number of strides. (42) The weather has certainly become quite summer-like in a hurry. It was quite hot out and while I hoped to get out for a run, opted for yet another walk after my son’s soccer practice.

I had planned on running from the Running Room tonight but my schedule took another hit and I’m stuck at work until after 7pm. So, I trimmed my orthotics to fit in my shoes and surprise, surprise, went for a 30 minute walk. The feel of the insert is going to take some getting used to. While my foot seems to roll more naturally, the feeling under the balls of my feet isn’t the least bit natural. Only short runs with the orthotics for the next couple of weeks, that is if I ever get a chance to run.

Twenty-one weeks to my next marathon, but who’s counting.

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