Monday, June 28, 2010

Isn't That Special

Week one of training for my fall marathon is complete and I’m quite surprised. I had a great run on Saturday but that’s not what made me smile.
I’ve been using my Garmin 305 to track my running during June. The heart rate monitor has collected dust in my gym bag. In fact my gym bag has collected dust most of June as well. But as usual I digress.

I continue to have commitment issues when it comes to tracking my work outs. I have about 4 places that I dump and track my workouts. Well five if you include SparkPeople.

I still use Garmin’s standalone application Training Center which is for the most part totally and completely useless.

I prefer SportTracks because it automatically calculated my split times per kilometer. I review my splits while looking at the map data and obsess assess my run using this information. Now I know how to set my watch to autolap and I have kilometer splits for all my tracking sites.

Garmin Connect has upgraded and is becoming social media capable (Blogger, Twitter and FaceBook).

Most recently, I have been updating DailyMile as well.

One of these days, I should just pick one and go with it.

It was DailyMile that got my attention earlier today when I received my weekly training summary email.

I completed the week with just over 42km of training in 3:41. That’s six minutes away from my Boston Qualifying time . Who wouldn’t smile getting news like that.

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