Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pete Magill - Hill Training

Pete Magill with Grace Padilla and friends demonstrate five differing hill workouts that are guaranteed to increase your endurance, strength, and speed while making you laugh.

Long Hill Runs build slow-twitch endurance by incorporating from half a mile to 2 or 3 miles of steep hills into your long run every 2nd or 3rd week.

Long Hill Repeats strengthen intermediate fibers by running 4-8 30 second reps to start and working up to 90 second repeats.

Short Hill Repeats strengthen fast twitch fibers with 30-60 yard repeats (about 8-10 seconds) at just under an all out sprint.

Hill Springing & Bounding builds strength and improves stride on a moderate grade by doing 2-3 rep form drills. I definitely recommend watching the video to see what your form should be.

Downhill Strides put a lot of stress on your quadriceps and make them stronger, and you should never do more than a few in any session.

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