Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sugarland Express

Yesterday was the last day of school, a day celebrated by both students and teachers alike. My wife sent our youngest off to his last day of Grade 5 with an abundance of rice krispie squares (none of which made it in to my lunch bag). The day was decidedly cool and instead of walking outside at lunch, I took the inside route along the mezzanine of the plant. The outdoor temperature was around 60F.

Getting organized to run at 6pm, I was rummaging through my gym bag to see if I had anything to keep warm. A long sleeve shirt or jacket, perhaps even gloves, it was surprisingly cool for almost July.

I arrived early at GLM (the former site of the Guy Lombardo Museum), I ‘m not sure the Springbank Community Gardens will ever catch on and waited for the rest of the group to arrive.

Marty was the first to make an appearance. Being a school teacher, I was surprised that he decided to run. Marty was also pondering his decision after stuffing himself on sugary goodness all day long. His philosophy being, “If I have terrible runs when I feel great, then today I’ll be having a great run.”

The rest of the MoB arrived (in a Cadiallac) very shortly after 6pm. Traffic was normal for the London rush hour construction zones. We set off down Wonderland to Riverside for some “tough love”.

There was lots of chatter until we reached the first major climb, I commented to Bob that thing suddenly got quieter as we heaved up the hill. Our pacing was quick but steady. I mentioned that there was an option for another hill around the 8Km mark if we went behind Storybook Gardens through the Enchanted Forest. What I didn’t remember was how long or steep that hill was, I mean after all I had run it in over 30 years.

The group was still quite close together as we reached the base of the hill. Marty in a sugar induced hallucination thought he was part Kenyan and took off like he saw an “All You Can Eat Buffet”. Not one to miss an opportunity for a good meal I charged after him. We were turning over 4:40-ish splits back to GLM.

I never was able to catch up to the Sugarland Express. I wonder if maybe changing up my diet might be in order. Cupcakes anyone?

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