Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Little Bird

Have you heard the story about the little bird who forgot to fly south for the winter? By the time our little bird decided it was too cold to fly so it began walking. The little bird was cold and shivering walking through field and pasture trying to get south as fast as its little feet would carry it. Cold and tired and out of breath it paused in farm yard where a cow just happened to drop load of manure on the poor little bird’s head covering it in a steaming pile. The little bird was not happy (and quite grossed out) by this sudden change in events. Until it realized that it was finally warm, so warm it was happy, so happy it began to sing. It sang so loud that the barn cat pounced on the poor unsuspecting little bird and ate it all up.
The moral of the story my friends are three- fold:
  • Not everyone who poops on you is your enemy.
  • Not everyone who gets you out of poop is your friend.
  • And if you’re up to your neck in poop and happy, keep your mouth shut!
I tell you this story to illustrate the lack of writing on my blog. I’m up to my neck in poop. Thanks to the each and every one of you your tax payer dollars are fueling the automotive industry economic recovery and I’m insanely busy.
Luckily last week was a recovery week and our runs were short and sweet.
This week and for the next month I will be waking at 4:30 and commuting to work for 6am. No opportunity for an early morning run. I’m also heading to bed around 9:30 pm. The excitement is excruciating, I can hear your gasps of awe at my rockstar lifestyle.
This weekend our long run has been moved to Sunday. We will be joining a special group run organized by Runners Choice from London to Port Stanley. Our group is running 31 km. It should be fun if the weather co-operates.
I’m picking up runs between running the kids between their activities and answering my pager.
It’s all good.

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