Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Hot Heat

Southwestern Ontario has been slowly broiling in an early summer heat wave for the past week. Saturday’s long run of 23km was warm even with the early start. The last 8km were shadeless. The final three were almost impossible. My hips tightened reminding me of the long runs in the early spring and late winter where I thought it was the cold that was doing me in. I also should have learned from those long runs what wet clothing does to the nipples. OK, I admit it, I’m a slow learner but Sunday's 8km was a vivid reminder.

Tuesday, I couldn’t run early in the morning and opted to try a 10km run late afternoon. My original plan was to run along the north branch of the Thames in a simple out and back. Instead, I headed straight for the Highbury hill figuring I could venture in to the park system on the way back. The hill itself was partially shaded and getting to the top I was a t 3 km. Running in to the subdivision and working my way back to the North Branch multipath wasn’t as easy as I thought. The heat slowly and steadily sapped my strength. I took a walk break and popped a very warm gel at the 5km mark.

I entered the park system only to find there was no shade and it was hot and sticky along the river. I walked a bit more to get under cover and was able to run again until the end of the path. I was at 8km and decided that it was just too hot to continue. I walked the last mile home. My fingers were tingling from so I assumed that I was starting to dehydrate more than I wanted to for a 10km run.

I got home in time enough to shower and get soccer boy to his practice only to find that they had decided to scrimmage with the other team that they share the field. Not having enough players, I added an hour of soccer cardio to my running. My legs felt like lead the entire time.

There was a significant amount of email chatter about running Wednesday morning at 6:30 am. I was planning on being at work for 7am but after running mid-afternoon I knew there would be no way I’d run through the heat again later in the day.

I joined Marc, Bob, Jules and Rebecca for a quick 6km in the downtown. It was humid and even without the heat of the day it was hard to breath. Thirty minutes of running felt like an hour and a sweaty hour at that. Bob was able to find some solace in the sprinklers that were operating but I had a 45 minute drive ahead of me and needed to stay somewhat dry. I should have thought to stretch more. I was so achy and stiff after the drive.

Getting home after work, the sky opened up and the rain came down in torrents from 5pm to 7pm. Even with all the rain, the sweatfest continued through the evening and in to Thursday morning.

Today, I’m tired and sore, my butt aches, my quads are screaming and there’s 26 km waiting for me on Saturday morning. At least I didn’’t have to fly to Germany to feel this kind of abuse.

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