Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time for a Quickie

Just a quick update, the total lack of a life continues into its second week. As I write this I’ve been awake since 2:30 am when my pager required my attention. Ninety minutes later I was at work sweating profusely. How can it be that humid at 4am? Sometimes Mother Nature is a real …

Last night, I thought that if I left home in ample time I could run to where my son was playing soccer. It was just over 12.5km in to a stiff wind, up seemingly endless hills.  There's the downside to running a one way route, the wind can be constantly in your face. At the very end I had a turn that put the wind at my back for 300 meters. I won’t ever whine about wind when the humidity is over 90%, that last little bit was almost unbearably hot. I made it in about 66 minutes with time to spare to see the beginning of the game. (Which they lost 7-1, half their team was away on vacation)

The 31+ km run to Port Stanley on Sunday was a huge success. The weather was surprisingly co-operative. Overcast with rain ahead of us but never on us. There was plenty of support in the way of aid stations every 2.5 miles or so. The route wasn’t overly congested with traffic and the last 10K had wide paved shoulders. There is another one of these runs on August 15th and final one for the year in later September. I anticipate there will be some interest in the August one; the latter one is too close to the Scotiabank Half-Marathon for my consideration.

Cooling off in the lake at the end of the run was almost as good as the meal at GT’s on the beach afterwards.

I’m struggling to maintain a goal pace at the end of my runs. I’m noticing that on both longer and shorter runs that the last couple of kilometers are a struggle. I’m sure some of it is weather related but at the same time I’m a wee bit concerned that I’m mentally fatiguing. Whatever it is, I’m aware of it and will have to see if it continues.  Other than feeling old and slow in the heat, my body is in surprisingly good shape.  Last year at this time I was dealing with my first running injury, a lateral hamstring tendonitis that sidelined my training for six weeks.

I’ve finished my box of E*Load gels. I’m considering trying some PowerBar Gels on the next couple of long runs. Although the E*Load are a heat endurance formula there is a considerable amount more sodium in the PowerBar Gels. I have successfully avoiding cramping on my long runs but have been supplementing my gels with salt or pretzels after 20km. I’d like avoid dosing myself with salt while training and see if I can tweak my course nutrition to compensate

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