Thursday, August 5, 2010

Putting It Out There

The reasons for running probably outnumber the number of people who run for a reason. Many have decided to make their running count for something and represent a charity or support a cause important to them.

My twitter feed is full of people who put it out there to make their individual effort count towards the greater good. Sadly, many times their efforts go largely unappreciated or unnoticed and in the case of charitable donations unrewarded.

Some of my Twitter friends working hard for charity are ( I know there are more of you and forgive me if you’re omitted)

Lonnie and Sam (Operation Jack) support Train 4 Autism

Natalie (working through her injury) is over half-way three in running 1000 miles for the MS Society in the UK.

Jenn is preparing for the Goofy Challenge as a member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training

Daily we are overwhelmed with celebrity requests to support “something” important to them. Our collective consciousness has become increasingly immune to pleas for help, and teary testimonials extolling the virtues of supporting their cause. Many times it feels like marketing gone wild.

Recreational athletes who try to inspire support often suffer similar problems getting support from anyone else other than family and close friends. Compassion fatigue affects their fundraising efforts to a much higher degree since their support communities are so much smaller.

I try, to the best of my abilities, to support as many of these individuals as possible. Every little bit counts. Even helping to spread their message makes a difference in assisting them to reach their fundraising goal.

Occasionally, there are people who fit somewhere in the middle. They aren’t big celebrities with huge fan followings to cull for support. They are motivated, sincere individuals whose inspiration while very personal have transcended from running a race or two to support their cause to dedicating a significant portion of their lives to pursuing their charitable goals. Two of these incredibly committed people that come to mind are Sarah Stanley and Ashley Kumlien

Take a moment to reflect on what your training means to you and how just a few moments of your time and a wee bit of generousity you can make a huge difference to those who are "putting it out there" in our running community.

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