Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sum Thing New

Is it really August already?

I never really thought about it when I got up this morning. Apparently, I was thinking about too much when I got up. I was already at the Running Room when I realized my Garmin was still lying on the desk beside the computer at home.

Oh well, no worries, I can do the running naked thing. It’s not likely anyone would notice.  Except maybe this young lady who was watching us in the park yesterday morning.

Besides, it wasn’t like I was going too far, only 7 km. Yesterday’s 30-ish kilometer run with Gillian and Chris was a distant memory.  

There was a very light turn out at the Running Room due to the long weekend. No Mobsters in sight anywhere. I was joined by Joe and Ron who heard I was doing 7K and thought the distance suited them. We ran up to the University along Waterloo and back in along the bike path through Gibbon’s Park. Run being a relative term, our pace was 6:30/km.

I did a little catching up with people at William’s over coffee after the run. It’s been an eventful summer for some of them.

I did a couple of manual entries in my tracking systems to discover a couple of milestones.

For the first time ever, I ran over 200 kilometres in a month. July being the second month in a row where I could say I have run injury free since a year ago June.

With my record setting July mileage, I went over 1000 kilometres of running for the year.
Kinda cool!

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