Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Mileage May Vary

Speed work is done. I’ve finished lapping the track and now await the fulfilling of the “The Prophecy

The Prophet Yasso decreed that those who run in circles against the clock shall compete in the Marathon. Those Competitors shall finish (90 per cent of the time, when training over 50 miles per week) within their average time of running the loop-de-loops. As Bob so effectively observed, the folks over at the BAA don’t seem quite so enlightened to actually observe the Yasso Predictor as adequate qualification for an entry in their little spring soiree.

While moaning about being a positive splitter (its label day on the blog today), it appears that when running on the track I am capable of achieving a negative split. The counter opinion is that it was getting dark out and I was so tired of running laps that I just wanted the darn workout over. The latter may be closer to the actual truth.

This weekend I’m participating in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon. I’ll be running under the Couch to Kenyan colors and attempting to pace Rebecca Gardiner to her challenge goal of a 1:55 finish. If all goes well, we should be across the finish line in time to watch the elite runners finish the full marathon.

Afterwards the tapering begins for the Toronto GoodLife Full Marathon on October 17th. I may have just recovered from running all those 800 meter repeats by then.

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