Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I still don’t understand what happened.

Perhaps, I’ll never figure out why.

Life is funny that way.

Somewhere in there is a message, a life lesson that needed re-enforcing.

Or not.

It’s time to move on, the past has passed.

I should quit.

Admit defeat.

Running a marathon is just too hard and at my age beyond my ability.

I completed two. Surely that’s more than enough to know the dream is just that a dream.

Better yet - based upon my experiences this year – a nightmare.

Pack up the toys and find another diversion. I hear golf is relaxing.


Or I suck it up. Admit that maybe, just maybe I don’t have all the answers.

Maybe I never will. So what?

There’s room for improvement. (Plenty of room).

And today, thanks to Elizabeth, the universe steps up with a message.

Loud and clear.


‘Nuff said.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone feels like that at some point Jeff. Like so many others, you've had good 5k's/half marathons etc. but haven't quite nailed the marathon yet. Not to worry. You just need that "good" or "on" day. What's confusing is that we don't necessarily need to be on to get a predictible time in anything less than a half. With the training, the time will take care of itself, within a few minutes, depending on the distance. A marathon is a different animal. It's about survival. An off day, for whatever the reason is, and the time or success that was hoped for is over. It will happen, you'll see. It will just never be as predictable as a 10k!