Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Land of Confusion

Talk about being confused.

I understand completely about how the mind tries to play tricks on you during the tapering process.

Heck, I even joked about it with the Mob Runners who are heading to Chicago this weekend.

However, I’m in rough shape, or at least I feel like I’m in rough shape.

Heading in to the Scotiabank Half Marathon I was fighting off a mild bug. I was constantly sucking on Halls Citrus Vitamin C drops. The bug never really amounted to anything but I noticed a drop in my energy level at the time.

My legs have felt heavy since we completed the last round of Yasso’s. My quads feel like they have never quite recovered.

The last few training runs have been in the cold and wet. I get them done but have had no joy in running them. I push through the “I feel like crap” and once they’re done, I feel like crap.

Each and every symptom is recognized as part of the tapering process.

I’m constantly hungry. My weight is varying by 4-5 pounds and I’m doing my best not to care too much when it creeps up to the highest it’s been in a year.

I’ve been mentally struggling with a decision I made early on in the training process. I’ve stayed out of the gym since mid-June. Today, I get a bit of validation when this was posted to my twitter feed.

The results suggest no benefits of an 8-week concurrent strength training for running economy and coordination of recreational marathon runners despite a clear improvement in leg strength

Ok, interesting but there is a disclaimer tacked on to the end of that sentence, “maybe because of an insufficient sample size or a short intervention period.

I’ve comfortably settled into over-thinking everything.

I’m checking the weather for two weeks out. (Looks good so far)

I’ve been looking at shoes and comparing their weights after receiving a bit of conflicting advice at the recent expo regarding my current shoe and the use of an orthotic. In reality, I should be breaking in a new pair that I already have but have decided to stick with the best advice any runner can follow during the later stages of training and race preparation.

Don’t change a thing!

Don’t try anything new, don’t experiment.

Great advice even if it doesn’t curb your appetite.

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