Monday, October 18, 2010

Now What?

I was prepared.

I talked to the psyche squad and psyched them with my mantra for the day more than they psyched me.

I had met my pace bunny for the day at the expo and discussed her 3:40 pace plan for the day.

Life was good.

Life was great.

And for 20 kilometers so was the race.

We might have gone out a little fast but the first 15km are a net downhill.

I focussed on maintaining my rhythm and form.

I laughed and joked.

I tried to put the image out of my find of the crazy spectator idiot that was one step away from running full speed in front of a moving trolley in the first 10km. The woman running on my left shrieked and the two of us were incredulous at what almost happened less than 10 feet in front of us. We never broke stride, but … but.. It was one of the most surreal moments in my life.

We continued finally getting off Yonge Street. The mansions, Casa Loma, the fall foliage, it was beautiful.

Lisa's Photo at 20km
My friend Lisa from twitter was waiting near the 20km mark with her camera. My calves started to twitch. I saw Lisa and smiled. I sidled up to Carla my pace bunny. I mentioned my calves and asked about salt. It certainly wouldn’t hurt, it was warmer than it felt.

The 10&1 pace group was close by. I used one of their walk breaks to open a salt packet and wash it down with some water. I really hoped it was going to help.

My wife and youngest son took the train to Union Station that morning to cheer me on. I bought them bright orange placards so I would be able to find them. I crossed the 21.1 km timing mat just before I reached them. The goal was 1:50, I was at 1:48:34 and in serious trouble.

Karen's Photo at 22km
I hugged Derek and kissed Karen. I debated not telling her I was cramping up. I whispered in to her ear I was in trouble and ran away. I was going to be awhile.

My mantra was Trust and Believe. Trust in your training. Believe in yourself.

I can’t trust my training. I never stopped believing in myself.

I trained hard and smart.

I avoided injury. I took care of myself. I addressed all the mistakes from Mississauga.

Supplemented with CalMag.

Switched my gels

Augmented my hydration plan.

Regular chiropractic appointments.

And here I was again. Both legs, calves ready to lock up.

And it happened.

I made it to 37km.

Right leg finally locked solid. I must have screamed in pain. A runner stopped turned around and came back to me. He wanted me to sit down. I refused to go down. I don’t think I would have been able to get back up. He saved me from a face plant. I knew it would eventually release. It did. It was my slowest1 km split of the day, almost 11 minutes.

I persevered. The up hill on University was torture. It’s not that much of a hill.

I smiled for the cameras.

I thumbed up when I wasn’t feeling it.

Karen's Finish Line Photo
I talked with another runner from London, she had a hamstring injury and was planning on running New York in three weeks. I hurt just watching her. She wasn’t going to quit. I can’t remember her name, I think it begins with L. She did all the Port Stanley runs as well.

I finished.

I PB’d by five minutes.

Disney in 10 weeks.

What am I going to do?

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Rebecca said...

Keep experimenting with electrolytes. Yasso 800s too.

We are each an experiment of ONE.

You can do this, just keep perservering, and when you get there it will be magic.