Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On a Perfect Day

Run Smart
Less than a week to go!

The plan is coming together.

I will run sub-4.

On a perfect day, I may run 3:40. Life is far from perfection. Ask anyone who was in Chicago this past weekend.

I will not go out fast.

I will warm-up to Hog’s Hollow.

Nice and easy up that hill.

I will find my groove.

I will smile down Front Street, I’m halfway there. Strong and controlled, just like pacing Rebecca. 1:50

I will enjoy the sun on the waterfront, the breeze in my face.

Until the turnaround –

The wind at my back.

I know I’ll hurt.

Time to bring it home.

Push hard.

You’ve run this.

Ignore the watch, the buildings mess it up.

Listen to the crowd.

Feed off the energy.

Queen’s Park.

It’s a long loop, hold it together.

Smile for the finish.

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