Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday left me drained emotionally. The mens and womens elite finishes in the Chicago Marathon were inspirational.

My friends running started strong. At the halfway point they were doing well. Then the paces began to slow, many times by as much as 5 minutes over 5 km. Lately Chicago has had a history of being very warm for a Fall marathon. 10-10-10 was no exception. There may not have been the humidity of the 2007 event when it was cancelled mid-race but the heat began to take its toll.

My twitter feed was active with messages about how difficult it was out on the course. I know how hard we all trained. We lived through the summer sweatfest. We also discovered how quickly heat saps the legs of their strength.

Everyone has the goal to finish that goes without saying. There is always pride in accomplishing what so many will never start let alone attempt. There is so much to running a marathon than just finishing. I’m so conflicted about what to feel . I’m proud of the accomplishments yesterday but I’m also so very sad and disappointed that an opportunity to accomplish so much more was taken away.

“You take what the day has to offer. “

“You can’t control the weather.”

“If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”

It all feels so hollow.

I’m not in Chicago.

I’m not there to celebrate or commiserate.

I miss my friends.

I can’t wait until they get back, I need to tell them how proud I am.

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