Monday, October 18, 2010

Who's Afraid of Spiders?

Starting on Friday, I had a visit with my chiropractor. A bit of pre-race fine tuning. We tweaked a couple of minor annoyances. Earlier in the week, I woken up with a sore back and it hurt to breath. A costo-transverse sprain is an injury that people often wake up with. Sometimes it is caused by an awkward sleeping position or caused by turning in bed.  Sneezing is a whole new experience. Once it starts to ease off , it’s annoying but not really a big deal.  The spain is quite treatable with a good chiropractor (like mine)

The back and side of my left knee were bothersome, my guess was that my popliteus acting up. Nichole was able to find a trigger point buried underneath deep between the hamstring and other latin sounding stuff interconnected back there. Long story short, I now knew why it was bothersome.

Ready or not, I was good to go for the trip to Toronto on Saturday.

The drive to Toronto was uneventful, I was at the hotel by 11:30. My room wasn’t ready so I had the valet park the car (decadent of me) and wandered off to find the shuttle bus to the race expo. I found the walk to the bus a bit unnerving, the left knee was bothering me more than normal. I assumed it was just part of the tapering madness I’d been dealing with all week. Every little ache and pain was a major annoyance.

The expo was small but tightly packed. I found a great jacket and was able to get a better deal on the price.

I also spent some time watching the technicians at the SpiderTech booth taping up people for free. Paul Rosha and I had a conversation about the evolution of kinesiology tape and how Spider Tech fit in to the market.

Breaking the first rule of marathoning , “Never try anything new on race day” I discussed my shoulder/back and knee with Chris one of their technicians. Very quickly, Chris agreed that he could help. My shoulder was done quickly and easily. Shirt off, sit up straight, really Jeff, shoulders back chest out. I am such a slouch.

I didn’t go to the expo expecting to have to drop my pants and but it was a quite common occurrence at the booth so I made my apologies to those standing around and let Chris do his thing with the back of my knee (which also included shaving the patch where the tape needed to be applied.)

One of the interesting aspects about the application is how the area taped feels warm about 10 minutes later. Not an annoying or itchy feeling just a gentle warming sensation.

On the bus ride back to the hotel the ache in my back eased considerably. My knee also felt much better on the walk back to the hotel than the walk to the bus.

That evening I did quite a bit of walking. From the hotel to dinner, from dinner on Front Street up to Queen’s Park and around the loop where the race finishes and back to the hotel on Yonge.

I slept much better. While I knew the shoulder wasn’t 100% in the morning, it was the most comfortable I’d been all week. Heading to the bus to get to the start line, my knee was a non-factor.
Was it the end of taping madness or kudos to Spider Tech?

Easy answer for me.

Thank you Spider Tech, you got me to the starting line stress free!


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