Thursday, November 25, 2010

Demotivational Inc.

November has been a bit of a bust in the running department. I can’t seem to get my life organized around a miserable work schedule and a general feeling of malaise. Adding insult to injury, I’ve got five days off work and have developed a sore throat.

When I have run, I’m cranking them out with a quick enough pace but I’m not feeling good while doing it. My lungs were burning after Sunday’s 10K, I thought it was from running in the cold for one of the first times this fall. I know now that it was the beginning of whatever bug I’ve caught.

Since the weather has changed to cold and wet. My lower back is stiff. I feel tight and constricted throughout my lower body. My calves are continually knotted. Given all this, I decided that I need to get in to see an RMT. This time around instead of a generic sports massage I took the advice of Marc and called a specialist. Initially it looked like I wasn’t going to get in until the New Year, however, the running gods intervened and I have benefitted from a cancellation and have my first appointment this afternoon.

I’m stretching more than ever, particularly at the gym where I’m trying to use the elliptical hands free as suggested during my gait analysis clinic. It feels weird, it feels slow, my balance feels off, and I’m not sure that it helps my running form. It does provide an opportunity to focus on engaging my core although trying to figure out the proper body alignment and pelvic tilt seems to be eluding me. It seems instead of running, I’ve been able to cross train instead a couple of times a week.

I really don’t know how all this bodes for my trip to Orlando. I’m nowhere close to getting in any long runs. I was hoping to have gone over 20km at least once by now. My target date was last Saturday but I wound up at work instead.

The clock’s ticking and I’m feeling anywhere near prepared.

Where has my ambition gone?

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