Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat?

Becc's Honeymoon Fever

It’s been awhile, really should blog about something.

Problem is, I really haven’t been doing anything too interesting.

I’ve been to the gym a few times riding the stationary bike for half an hour.

When that got boring, (like after the second time) I added another half hour on the elliptical.

Run Forest (City) Run
If this is too much excitement for you, I suggest clicking on anything listed on the right side.

I could mention some of our shenanigans on the weekend cheering on the runners at the Halloween Haunting 10K.

 Beccs looks absolutely rapturous contemplating the honeymoon with her sumo to be significantly significant other.

Forest Running
 Bob was pleasantly surprised we supported him with our cheers of “Run Forest Run.” This technically is not the same as his Chicago experience, where they were very clearly chanting “Run Forrest Run.”
Can you see KO?

I also assisted KO with her placing in her Age Group by chasing her 100 meters while crooning, “Git in mah Belly!” Whether it was embarrassment or fear, she couldn’t get away from me fast enough.

KO Finishing strong

This Sunday is Road to Hope. Although I contemplated running the half marathon, I won’t be able to go to Hamilton. Work has intervened in to my weekend schedule. I won’t get much sleep, but later in the day I’ll be attending a running clinic with Sheri Fraser.

Hopefully, after the weekend most of my mojo will have returned and I’ll be back running on a more organized schedule.


Anonymous said...

Always an interesting read, Jeff!

Karen Otani said...

Oh, you definitely scared me!!! I couldn't understand what you were saying so thanks for clarifying. I didn't see you until I passed you, so I couldn't figure out who was in the fat suit! Thanks for helping place in my age group by scaring the bejesus out of me! I guess I should be sharing the pair of gloves I won...

Karen said...

Oh and I love the photo where the only evidence that I was in it, were the pieces of my hawaiian skirt flailing in the wind!