Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow Place Like Home

During November I tried getting to the gym on a regular basis and for the most part I was successful.

What suffered was my running. I didn’t get in too many outdoor runs in the month of November.

I could blame the weather. I really don’t like either cold or wet, but the combination really bothers me.

I could blame my blasé performance on recovering from October’s marathon. Surely I get some respite from running for completing my second marathon.

Perhaps it’s that I’m searching for something. An elusive voice in the wind telling me what I’m doing wrong. How is it that I can train countless miles without significant issue but continually blow-up on race day? I suppose some my general apathy for running this past month has been shock. I never once considered that I’d have another issue cramping during a race. Some is undoubtedly post marathon letdown. Even with another event pending in January, I’m feeling like I’m trained out.

The real issue is neither weather nor recovery. The bottom line was lack of motivation. I didn’t feel like running. I wasn’t organized, I didn’t make time, I didn’t try to run more, I opted to go to the gym for my cardio and leave the running for another day.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t completely forsake my health. I attended a gait analysis clinic, which lit a fire under me to finally book a massage appointment, and not just any massage, I saw a rolfing specialist.

Generally, I keep getting the same messages over and over. Stretching, I need to do more. I should be in at least one yoga class per week. My hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings are beyond tight. I’m trying, just not very successfully. I can also see how unbalanced I’ve become when I do try and stretch.

Just as I’m starting to get myself back on to the straight and narrow, Mother Nature decides that enough is enough of the cold and wet, just shake things up a bit and see how four feet of the fluffy white stuff affects an individual’s ability to train.

Saturday I completed a 20km run, my longest to date since mid-October. Sunday, the London, Ontario version of Snowmageddon begins. I can’t even begin to think about running with the amount of snow shoveling I’ve been doing the past 72 hours. The kids enjoyed the days off school but I haven’t had a break from moving snow every morning this week. There aren’t too many places let to throw the stuff.

I’d like to run, but it’s a battle between the streets and sidewalks. Neither one is safe. I wonder if I should wear my Garmin while moving snow, I think I’m past the half marathon distance.

Of course some people run no matter what!

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