Friday, February 18, 2011


The worst part of winter running is winter.

This season has been both colder than normal, and snowier than normal. The whole Al Gore – Global Warming thing has been a bit of a bust this year. I’m over winter. It’s time to move on.

The past couple of weeks have taken the wind out of my sails.

I have a bad case of the February Blahs.

I’m tired – morning, noon and night.

I’m sleeping but I’m not rested.

My interest in training is non-existent. I can’t get excited about running on an indoor track for an hour at 8pm or a 90 minute yoga class at 7:30pm, especially on the weeks that I have a 4:30am wake-up call for work.

Now that the euphoria from Disney has worn off, I have no motivation. My get up and go has got up and went.

I wrote about some of how I’m feeling on BlogRunnerBlog this week.

The Coaches - Jeff and Diane at PRS Fit made it the topic of their weekly podcast.

What I really need is a training plan make-over. I need something new to switch things up a bit.

It’s going to be awhile before the really good weather takes hold. The remainder of February and most of March will still be cold, wet and miserable with the occasional hints of spring to tease and torment. So I’m looking for ways of switching up some of what I’m doing in the way of training.

Last year I made a conscious decision to stop strength training. All of my focus was on cardio.

Even without a targeted program my core strength has improved. I know I can improve my running form even more if I focus on the weak areas. My hips are better but still a problem. Like most runners my glutes are weak and my quads are over developed.

So I’m going to try and switch thing up a bit. A nod  is as good as a wink. A change is a good as a rest.

The TRX suspension equipment has arrived at GoodLife. I have an orientation session booked for tomorrow afternoon.

If you don’t know what anything about TRX, here’s a video from Maria Mountain (@revcon) from last summer. It’s brilliant.


Katie said...

i don't mind the temps but GUH THE WIND! i can't deal.

Jeff said...

The wind is the worst. Since I've lost weight I don't generate a lot of heat when I run, so I get cold easily.

If a head wind is involved, I freeze. It kills my hip flexors and I really tighten up.