Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eating the Elephant

When last your intrepid blogger put fingers to keyboard, he was lamenting a lack of motivation, fatigue, and general malaise for winter training.

I did the TRX workout. It was awesome, I’d like to do more but without casting too many aspersions of my fitness club, their packaging of the program is cost prohibitive and combined with a lack of flexible scheduling makes it impossible to even consider joining the group class. I may consider buying one once the weather clears up and I can use it outside since I have no space in the house to exercise. My Perfect Pull-Up bar makes a Perfect Clothes Hanger.

I did make a decision to resume some strength training, just to shake things up a bit. The resultant stiffness in my neck, back and shoulders tells me it’s been too long.

I also played hockey a couple of times on Wednesday afternoons as the weather continued to be unseasonably cold wet and miserable.

Weekend work has cost me the past two Sundays. I actually didn’t run outside at all last week, and only ran my at my Tuesday night speed work clinic.

I’m noticing my conditioning is nowhere near that of the group that has been running much more consistently. While not regretting my decision to run a spring marathon, I can see that not being able to find a consistent groove for training is not going to increase the likelihood of a qualifying for Boston, but then you don’t eat the elephant all at once. I’d be happy with completing the Toronto Marathon in less than 4 hours.

To meet that objective, perhaps, I should actually stop protesting winter and get back to running outside. Last night, the weather was finally above freezing, the sun was shining with its daylight savings time goodness and for the first time since February 20th (according to my Garmin), I ran outside.

It felt good. I could push the pace a bit and get below 5:30/km consistently.

I’m deviating from suggestion to run in a more minimalistic shoe. My right ankle continues to be a bit of a mystery. I’ve swapped my Adidas Salvation II’s for the Ride II, a neutral cushion shoe. At the GoodLife expo last fall, the Adidas representatives suggested that the Salvation II with an orthotic might be too stiff. Their suggestion was to consider switching to the Ride II or Glide II which were more orthotic friendly. Sporting Life has a sweet deal and a picked up two pairs for $60 each.

I’ve also become the owner of a Sacrowedgy. Eavesdropping on a twitter conversation, I checked out this intriguing device and felt it might help alleviate some of the tightness in my hips. I’m certain I can handle lying on my back for 20 minutes once a day for a couple of weeks.

I’m a week and a bit away from running 30km in Hamilton at Around the Bay. Given my lack of a structured training regime, I’m going to target a 2:45 finish. A bit more aggressive than a 4 hour marathon pace, but more importantly, I’m challenging the cramping demon. The last 10 km are very hilly. It may be cold and wet, two conditions I struggle with. After the past month, I need an ego boost.

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