Thursday, July 7, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons

Sorry for the prolonged absence, I see a few of you have been peeking in occasionally looking for an obituary. I’m still to be counted among the living, life butted in the way of blogging for a period of time and something had to give so writing about not running seemed like the logical thing to give up.

I planned on taking some downtime after the half marathon in Toronto to recuperate. While very pleased with the result of my race, I knew that I needed to cut back and let my body recover.

That decision was proven correct when in a fit of euphoria I decided that I might as well race a 10K event in Guelph on June 5th. I had nothing in the tank after the first couple of kilometers. I finished third in my age group and 22nd overall with a 47:09. My race goal was to run closer to 45:00. No big deal, I scored a lightweight New Balance hat for the Age Group placing.

There was a fantastic opportunity presented to me to participate in a newly established local training group organized by Brandan Laan and Guy Schultz. The group meets twice a week. Wednesday nights are speed work and Sunday Morning are reserved for a longer run. Each workout has drills, and a core strength component. Brandon is populating a new web resource at

In addition to gearing back the running for the summer, I’ve been trying to join a triathlon training group twice a week. I’ve rebuilt my vintage Raleigh Carlton Corsair in to a 22 pound speed machine. It is a much better road ride than my hand-me-down Trek mountain bike. At some point in time (ie: sooner as opposed to later) the plan is to get me in to the water and practicing my swimming. In my case the word practice is the same as learn. I swim like a cat thrown in to a bathtub of cold water.

Prior to getting heavily in to multisport training, I availed myself of a Groupon for a Summer Fitness Analysis at MedPoint. The Groupon entitled the bearer to a Bod Pod Gold Standard body-composition test, a gait scan and analysis, a nutrition analysis, and a 30-minute consultation with the fitness director.

I discovered I’m an inch shorter than what it says on my driver’s license, I have 22% body fat, and confirmed I’m a late stage pronator. I opted to pursue some additional nutrition counseling. I have found it difficult to back off training and balance my nutritional input. While all-in-all I’m doing an OK job of it, I really feel that I need to tweak how and what I eat to increase my lean muscle mass and lower my overall fat percentage. I’m constantly finding myself hungry and I know most of the issue is when and what I’m eating.So that’s what I’ve been doing while not writing, or running. The good thing about life giving you lemons, is that lemonade can be very refreshing


Athletes4Life said...

sounds like you have been doing great!

Katie said...

wow, sounds like you've been busy!