Monday, September 26, 2011

One Step Closer to the Edge (Updated)

I’ve been treading lightly lately.

I had to switch shoes for my duathlon because of it.

I’ve tried ice and I’ve tried heat.

Rest days helped but not so much any longer.

Mornings hurt but then things would get better.

Running was never an issue.

Now, the dull ache is almost constant.

I’m still running but not very comfortably. The longer I run, the more it hurts.

My heels feel like they are bruised . This is not good.

So glad, I’m not registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon in two weeks, so - no harm, no foul.

I am registered for the Road for Hope Half Marathon in Hamilton the first Sunday in November.

My goal is to qualify for New York by running under 1:40. It’s mostly downhill, slippery slope.

Seems to me, I’m in for a couple of weeks of cross training.

Update: I visited my massage-terrorist this afternoon and told him my tale of woe.  It has been his experience that my symptoms are due to tight calves and hamstrings.  He then proceeded to show me how tight they were, whereas I thought other than my left calf I wasn't too bad.  After an hour on the table and a couple of close calls with tapping out most of the pain in my feet has subsided.  My heels are tender to touch and I'll still chill out this week by not running too much but I'm hopeful.  More hopeful than when I posted this morning.


Katie said...

uggggghhh. i'm sorry. i hope this turns around.

Andre LeFort said...

I hope everything settles down in time for your November race. Best of luck!