Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I Want for Christmas …

I’m beginning to understand how Grandma felt when she was run over by a reindeer that fateful Christmas Eve after spending half an hour on the elliptical machine yesterday afternoon.

Friday afternoon I had both of my arches taped in an effort to allow my plantar fascia to recover.  Each morning I wake up with relatively happy feet.  No tender first steps, a very much welcome relief.

So why shouldn’t I be able to exercise?

Last week I had only the right foot taped from Tuesday to Friday.   I did 20 miles on the bike trainer on Thursday evening without any problems.  So?

Well, the elliptical is different.  Or so my feet tell me.  Ten minutes in it was bothersome, twenty it had progressed to beyond annoying and at thirty it was screw the cool down – get me off this thing (I did the cool down anyway).

My analysis doesn’t completely blame the taping, it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.  I wore my old orthotics in my shoes. I think the combination of arch support and arch support was too restrictive for my feet.  So next time, I’ll try 30 minutes without the orthotics and just some simple gel insoles.

When I saw the podiatrist she commented on my high arches and that individuals with high arches were prone to tight leg muscles.  

“Plantar fascitis is an overuse injury thought to be caused by prolonged excessive stretching of the fascia. Although the exact mechanism of the injury is still debated, it is most common in runners who have high arches, over-pronate, or have a tight calf muscle/achilles tendon complex.”
Ding Ding! Ding!  That’s me!

So I’m updating my Christmas wish list – All I want for Christmas is my two flat feet!


myron kuepfer said...

i could donate mine; every time i attempt to dance it's clear that i have two very flat feet...

Jeff said...

Myron, I'd borrow your feet but I hear they are both lefties.

Suzie Thomas said...

The price of an abdominal exercise machines may come as a shock to you due to the high dollar amount involved. Although a higher price tag may not always indicate a better machine it usually does in the case of elliptical cross trainers 90% of the time.

James said...

Have you ever considered using Active Release Therapy (ART)? This technique is used to break up the scar tissue that develops over time and help to the plantar fascia become more elastic.

Jeff said...

Hi James thanks for your comment.

I see a massage therapist that specializes in the Rolf Technique once a month.


It's similar to ART but focuses on the fascia.