Monday, March 26, 2012

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

I was finally able to eak out a couple of longer runs this weekend.  Well, longer in a relative sense.

On Saturday, I did 10K along the river.  The weather finally broke and the unseasonably warm temperatures dropped in to perfect running weather.  My heart rate which seemed higher during the warm 5K runs felt more in control during my first 10K run since mid-January.    In reality, I think I went out slower and didn’t push until the last 2K which is slightly uphill.  Certainly the cooler weather made it feel much better.

Sunday was a different experience altogether.    I purposely set out to keep the heart rate low.  Using the Runners Web Heart Rate Calculator my goal was to try and maintain 140bpm or the top end of my Easy Range (75%).  Lately, my Aerobic Threshold seems to be about 155bpm (85%).  I "ran" 14Km in just under 95 minutes.

It felt slow.

Really slow.

Unbearably slow.

The longer it went, the slower it got.

According to the RunningAhead Low Heart Rate Training FAQ, I was doing it right.

47. How would you describe the first few weeks of doing this? 
Miserable. Unbearable. Painful. An exercise in futility. An exercise in patience. Pride-depleting. Although there are a few who find the slow-down refreshing. Most will be miserable at first.

But wait there’s more!!

I was still going too fast.  My heart rate needs to get down to 130bpm.  Groovy!

Queue Simon and Garfunkel ….

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