Friday, March 16, 2012

Think About It

Life is about change.  Given my history of injury and error I’m looking at making some changes.

I think my biggest mistake last year was not listening to my feet when they complained. 

I thought that I would be fine since I was running shorter distances and that I wasn’t taxing my body with grueling marathon workouts.

I thought that since I was concentrating on improving my running form that I was being more efficient and economical in my running style.

I went to lighter shoes and I wore my orthotics religiously.  I forgot that I had no cushioning for my feet but I also had no flexibility in my shoes due to the orthotic.  I wound up with Plantar Fasciitis and very painful heels that are still being treated.

I don’t think orthotics are helping.  My feet became rigid and inflexible.

I think I went too far when I combined the shoe with the orthotic.

I don’t think that adding cushioning and a stability shoe is the answer.

I understand and appreciate the work of Dr Lieberman but think there is still an unexplored middle ground for minimalism.
I have some doubts about ever running in bare feet.  All the power in the world to the AbebeBikila’s out there but I don’t think I’ll ever be one of them.

So I began my search for the perfect shoe. 

Is light and provides good feel when contacting the ground.

One that lowers the heel to toe ratio but is not a complete zero drop.  The goal is to transition over time by lowering the stack height.
A shoe that provides some cushioning for my heels when my form breaks down.

A great source of information is located on the NaturalRunning Center website.

After narrowing down my selection to three possible shoes, I made the rounds of the local shoe establishments trying on the candidates.

And I chose None of the Above.

I think I made the right choice.  Time will tell

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