Friday, April 27, 2012

Erroneous Peroneus

I had my monthly visit to the massage-terrorist earlier this week and was expecting things to go rather well after last week’s record mileage (for this year).

I’ve been a good boy doing almost daily stretching activity for my calves and Achilles, as well as using my Kelly (my foam roller) on my calves, hamstrings, lower back, and shoulders.  I’ve also been using my TP Quadballer roller on my calves in conjunction with a tennis ball.
Between the two of them, I’ve been experiencing a fair bit of discomfort on the outside of each calf.  Starting just below the knee and extending down the outside of the shin.  It feels like there is a rope of muscle in there that rolls (awkwardly and painfully) whenever I try and get in there and grind out the knots.

Leave it to the massage-terrorist , first to find it and having me on the verge of tapping out as he used his elbow to grind out the mess that I couldn’t isolate.  Silly me I had to ask WTF hurt so much, thinking the answer would feature the word tibialis only to discover how erroneous I was.

Apparently, I have a whole bunch of peroneus’s.

And each and every one of them have their own special trigger points that lovingly refer pain up and down the kinetic chain.

Seems I may be adapting to those new shoes after all.

Tennis Anyone?


Anonymous said...

I hope your erroneous peroneus's feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

Yes let's go tennis. You'll forget the pain for a while when playing a match. Is the pain getting better now?

J. Harp
writer @ pedometer reviews

Jeff Rowell said...

There's still a moderate amount of discomfort during the massage process but no discomfort when running.

Bards has lots of good information on stretches and such in this post on her blog.