Monday, April 16, 2012

Numbers Runner

MAF Results
The slow- pokiness seems to be working.  I can see improvements when looking at split times from when I began putzing along.  More importantly, I can feel myself dialing in and running more efficiently.

There are two issues that I’m trying to figure out.

MAF Results Detail
The first is my heart rate tends to jump up quickly when I begin to run.  Part of this I believe is the lack of warm-up activity.  I walk and stretch a bit but nothing that elevates the heart rate.  I’m going to need to research this a bit more.  Luckily once I get a couple of minutes in to my run the route has some gentle downhill sections for about 2 km as I get down on to the flood plain along the river.  Of course I also have to get back up these “gentle uphill sections” at the end of the run while maintaining a lower heart rate.  I’m not so good getting the horse back in to the barn by that point in time, I just want to get done.

The other thing that I’m noticing is my cadence is consistently hovering at 80spm (steps per minute).

The magic number is supposed to be 90spm. (Double that to 180 if you count both feet)

My mental math told me that if I sped up my cadence my heart rate would increase, so looking at the two 5K’s that I have run in the past month, I’m failing math.  My cadence isn’t changing, so it has to be my stride length.   Sticking with my aerobic training plan, there will be no speed work in my immediate future.  Incidentally there is also supposed to be no more racing either until the aerobic base period is completed.

Yesterday’s race was in near perfect conditions for a 5K, if you ignore the rain and the out-and-back course on a public bicycle path.  I finished second in my age group and 19th overall, but my cadence was still just below 80spm.

Retina Run 5K Garmin Stats
My heart rate makes even less sense as it decreased over the event.   
I think that (as usual) I went out too fast and then dialed it in for the rest of the run.   Certainly the run felt comfortable enough although there was no extra gas in the tank to go much faster. This is exactly what I expected.  In order to go faster, I went anaerobic quickly and given the complete lack of speed training – no speed just a lot of heavy breathing.   Once I dialed back the pace, everything became much easier.  Whatever it was, I got a medal for finishing (and a shirt). 

Run for Retina Research 5K

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